### Watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos Series I had a conversation on #dbuz ...

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Watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos Series

I had a conversation on #dbuzz about it a few weeks ago, so I decided I need to watch it, and I only got to it today.

"Lightyears are Measurement of Distance, not Time."

Whatch Here: https://archive.org/details/carl-sagan-cosmos-13-episodes

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The cosmos series is really great. You should also check out the audiobooks.
The Dragons of Eden is great.

"The Dragons of Eden" is that fictional story.


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No, it is about how human intelligence may have evolved.


That's a(n amazingly) weird title for that. I'm not complaining!

This book, right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dragons_of_Eden

While I don't believe in the theory of evolution, as it's taught today, I do find it a good topic of speculation. !LUV

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The reboot of this series, hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, is also worth a watch.

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This one, right
Thanks for the recommendation!

I may schedule it after finishing Carl Sagan's ...Is updated informatiuon the only difference?

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