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#dbuzz30 V Day 22:

What do you think an alien would look like?

Like a Bug or an amoeba? It will depend on their #planet's environment. As far as I know, only earth has breathable oxygen yet there are animals of countless types even here.

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An interesting perspective, I think.
Who knows? Maybe aliens are something like machines. Sometimes I really think it is.
Machines with brains from living tissue, perhaps...

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Maybe, we don't know... They won't be like the machines humans make, at least.

Reminds me of Transformers, they're supposed to be Aliens in the lore:

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Actually, I didn't think much about Transformers when I was writing this.
By the way, I'm a Transformers fan. I've watched the Transformers series twice and plan to watch it again in the future.

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Which series did you watch? There are MANY of them, but I only watch three. One of them is Cybertron, I think, but I don't remember the other two.


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I watched the movie version of Transformers. 5 movies as far as I remember.

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