## Limits When you realize it's a #language processor, not an omnisci ...

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When you realize it's a #language processor, not an omniscient all-knowing machine. It's easy to forget that.

#chatgpt tends to rationalize your assumptions for the questions to be correct.

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That is true, but you also ask it to do that operation and I would have just pointed to a number space in which 9999 is actually bigger than 10000 as well. Rational Numbers assume that 1+1>1, not every Numbers System that we use does that.

You can also ask GPT to pretend to be a journalist and be assigned to write an article about why good is bad while bad is bad and it'll do that as well as it can.

The Database is roughly a bit below 50TB and it's IQ is estimated as the average amount college beginners in the US. GPT is fast and knows a lot, but it's not very smart. At least not the version that you can use for free.

Depending on how it answered my questions, I guess that's about right.

"...it's IQ is estimated as the average amount college beginners in the US."

Knows a lot is the important part here!

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I think its main advantage is processing speed and a great memory system. GPT doesn't even know if it knows something or if it just was told to know something because it does not have a subjective worldview.

Does that make sense or am I rambling?

It's like, two opposing things can be exactly true at the same time without accountability or practical implications. Only if rubber hits the road do you need to decide if the underground is moving or the tires are spinning.

I knew it but the analogy you provided (the tiers) is a good one I never heard before.


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Where do bad rainbows go?
Prism, it's a light sentence.

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I know about this, I studied Digital Systems in college, and it's mindblowing how you can have infinite numerical systems in the world, we stuck with the decimal system because I dunno, but it's not the only system human mind can process.


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Well yes, we could start a system which is based on 1+3=2 and keep involved from there. Would it make sense to use that in the end? Absolutely not, but it might be fun. And as we know, it's possible to define special cases or exceptions in a Numbers Space. Like we can't divide through 0, can we? :D

You can also ask for ANY song lyrics of a rapper with explicit words and it will violate their own terms of use. #NoSoSmart

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