Hive Healthcare Insurance. Get paid for showing proof of medical care and a review of the services + results ON BLOCKCHAIN + Doctor Patient Data ON CHAIN like I will be doing for the [email protected]

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so we can compare good doctors and get the doctor posting on hive to help pay for all his patients who cant afford the healthcare..... NOW you have a system..... a fool proof system for delivering CURRENCY DIRECTLY to doctors on a BLOCKCHAIN


Would YOU give up your medical privacy in exchange for much cheaper or free healthcare run by a blockchain? I would... they will find our weaknesses and leak our medical data anyway so WE MAY AS WELL PROFIT FROM IT while we can!


see $0.41 cashback from an xray lol imagine when the dentist takes HBD and offers to make a post of your work before and after on the blockchain .... promote him, refer him, get free healthcare etc



would be a good place to begin.

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