¡Christmas 2021! ...taking a quick glimpse to the "cyclical" future. (Chapter V)

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«-Chapter V-»

A quick Flashback thru memory lane: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Down the road I go
Down the road I go
There's mud in the water
Roach in the cellar
Bugs in the sugar
Mortgage on the home
Mortgage on the home
There's garbage on the sidewalk
Highways in the backyard
Police on the corner
Mortgage on the car
Mortgage on the car
Down the road I go
They're sellin' independence
Actors in the White House
Acid indigestion
Mortgage on my life
Mortgage on my life
Down the road I go
Ramble tamble
Ramble tamble
Ramble tamble

«-New Year Reflections-»

Alright! and then, we have slowly arrived to the fifth and last chapter of this story.

A last musical chapter that after a very short journey through history. Where hopefully we had learn a little bit about the Summer Of Love, The Psychedelic Shop, The Blue Unicorn Coffee House, The Wild Colors Gift Shop, The I And Thou Coffee House, The Diggers, The Beatniks, The Hippies, The Revolution and the children of the 50s and 60s sharing their vision about the future. Here we are now premiering a brand New Year 2022 in the first quarter of the 21st century.

A thing which encourages me to remind you. That as long as music is never lacking in our life, we will always be in very good company. And that no matter how old we are or how severe or insurmountable are the efforts by the "Power That Be" for keeping us isolated and apart from each other. There ain't gonna be no way they stop us from meeting a couple of old friends and with whatever musical instruments we might have at hand, feel us again at home celebrating we're alive. :)

"Slide Old Trio"

This is how it has always been and how it will continue to be until the end of our days. In my own humble opinion, of course. Because I'm still one of those who assures that: "Music is balm for our souls" and with it we will always feel invincible.

I am well aware and have to admit that throughout this long story of five chapters I have taken you through seven decades of experiences from an old man's perspective, today, in this moment while you are reading this.

The perspective of an old hippy who witnessed and had the opportunity to attend and observe closely those crucial events that in my opinion, from a political, cultural, technological and social point of view have led us to where we are today.

Tales of a turbulent era in which the germ of the winds of change were established and demanded immediate action from the youth to start a more consistent route and in harmony with life. With ethical, moral, human and spiritual values more consistent with our permanence in peace on the surface of the planet.

¿Groovy Science?

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Hippie culture centered around a set of common ideals that founded the Hippie spirit of revolution and innovation. The Hippie movement formed to protest the Vietnam War, counteracting wartime violence with brotherly love and communal living. Despite the enmity and rebelliousness that characterized the common Hippy. Hippie culture was never intentionally violent and always promoted gentle ideals such as peace, love, freedom, and community.

They advocated for sustainability and natural living. And would inhabit small farms called communes, where groups of like-minded counterculturalists would grow food in organic gardens separated from the pollution and disorder of American cities. Hippies were ardent environmentalists and believers in equality for all. And as such, they also supported black and gay rights and were among the first to develop “green” technology. And Hippie’s collective love for music and the environment was also the impetus that led to the invention of solar panels in the 1970’s. A tool that allowed them to operate their stereos in an eco-friendly manner.

"Whole Earth Catalog"

Steve Jobs called The Whole Earth Catalog "One of the bibles of my generation". He went on to explain in his Stanford commencement speech in 2005: "It was sort of like Google in paperback from 35 years before Google came along" it was idealistic and overflowing with neat tools and great notions.

The Hippie value of freedom and the freedom of the individual to acquire necessary resources by eliminating the monetary barrier between people and goods, certainly played a significant role in shaping the internet in its infancy.

Hippie Values Really Did Build the Internet. The internet originally operated on a fee-for-service basis, restricting access to those unable or unwilling to pay to use it. If we had collectively taken the fee-for-service route, we would never have moved beyond the CompuServe days.

The Whole Earth Catalog, acted as an inspiration for that popular phrase with the sentiment that “Information wants to be free.” And what is undeniable, is the effect that this statement and its proceeding actions had on the direction of the internet’s development from then on. Now described as the “world’s largest commune” in planet Earth. A world’s largest commune which nowadays tends to consolidate further through the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Over time, Hippies continued to pioneer technological progress. The fundamentally hippie ideals of community, collaboration and equality impacted society beyond their initial application in the 1960’s. In the height of counterculture movement when free stores, like free information, first challenged the traditional workings of the American economics. In increasing access to the early internet, hippie values allowed the internet to develop to its current state...

¡Bringing a greater dose of critical thinking!

Oh yeah! let's boogie while running towards the future.

And here we are today at the very start of 2022 still speculating, lucubrating and wondering where we are headed from now on. From Counterculture to Cyberculture, Blockchain Technology, WEB 3.0 and The Rise of Digital Utopianism.

HIPPIE: "A highly intelligent person pursuing inner enlightenment"

Yeah, you are still in time to join the ongoing revolution. There are still a handful of dates throughout this year that would allow you to experience and savor a little of that bittersweet cake of feasible promises that we older people already experienced and savored during the sixties. This way you will test what your palate is made of.

Internet is no more than a software protocol that enables any-to-any connectivity. And if you want to hunt for the roots of the now-ostracized cyberculture, we would have to look into the ARPAnet, Usenet, Compuserve, The Source, and the thousands of dial-up BBSs that emerged beginning in the 1970s.

«-A 'Magna Carta' for the World Wide Web-»

Alright! I guess this post has already gotten too long as to be able to hold the attention of many of you here on the blockchain any longer. So, maybe it's about time to finish it. A thing that I will do next, but not without first sharing a last song prior to the very last video with my final reflection on the "cyclical" future.

¿Are/Were you a Beatnik, a Hippy or a Hipster?

And last but not least...

I don't know if you realized that the first word with a "link to click" with which I started this ¡Christmas 2021! series of articles it was with the mysterious and enigmatic acronym «-JWST-» which I hope and aspire that you have not overlooked without having clicked on it in that early occasion.

Because otherwise, I suspect that it will be a bit harder for you finding some sense to this last video about my own personal reflection on the always cyclical future with which I will close this post and this entire Christmas 2021 series.

¿A "cyclical" Future?

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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It took a bit of time, but finally created time to read but foremost watch the ending video in your post. What a beautiful video! 😍Somehow I like to experience the changes earth and the universe will go through long long long time from now. In the thought experiment in which we can either swallow or not a pill that gives us absolute eternal life, I still consider taking such a pill so I can witness these large scale events even knowing this may take gazillion years to unfold itself.

Anyways 😍the post, the explanation of what the true hippie-ism stood (and still stands) for. I think it serves as a good read for many peeps that just think about hippies as flower power hippies that somehow are disconnected from 'real' life. I do hope your post is read a bit more than the number of comments shown here. And even when not, know that I did 🙇 Know that I just shared the video with some of my closest friends. They are not too much into watching these kinda videos, but I try to get them to watch the thing.