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RE: I Always Knew The Universe Was Dancing to "The Rhythm of the Primes" ...

The idea that music has to be mathematically correct to be good is somewhat misleading, in the hands of those who AGAIN only can make music in some division of two and three ... I went through that phase of my musical development and moved on! BUT, there is a sense in which music and math are inextricably linked ... so, it makes sense that the golden ratio might be involved in good music too!


Thank you! I really like classical music, but not only Beethoven or Bach, but I love Stravinsky, and as far as I am aware he was using musical dissonance deliberately to add complexity and an unfinished quality to his melodies. So I guess - music shouldn't have boundaries :)

Music DOESN'T have boundaries beside the physical universe that binds everything else... and as a tip of the hat to Beethoven and Bach, both of them colored ferociously outside the lines of their day too... their late works show that... Stravinsky was of course more open in his approach, coming later ... but my ancestors were creating Negro Spirituals all that time and never knew there WAS a boundary of that nature... so while we nod at the greats of the European Classical world, that boundary they observed was never real...