[Tested] Playing Chess in Quest 2 Mixed Reality — Awesome Unity Slices Demo!

in VR Hive7 months ago

While the amount of VR content from Norm out of Tested has been lightish lately, a great video has just been released showing off a demo that if you code for VR the Unity Labs team seems to have this already ready for you to start making some "Passthrough" games/experiences with this new table element using the Oculus SDK here.

We go hands-on with the upcoming Unity Slices: Table, a mixed reality demo from Unity Labs that makes use of the Quest 2's new passthrough video API as well as Presence Platform developer tools. Not only does it let us interact with a chessboard perfectly aligned to a real-world table for passive haptics, but this is a social app that allows users to either be connected remotely using a rendered avatar or be in the same room as each other using passthrough video. It's a trippy and impressive demonstration of passthrough mixed reality!