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RE: The Survivor, Volume 5: Common Microscope Solutions

Hi, do you have any ideas why did you down vote my posts?


This account doesn't originate flags, you would have to ask the other account.
It appears that it is a counter to the dtub vote, but I can't say for certain.
If you start using to upload your original videos, the flags will likely go away.

I asked by they are not replying
I'm using both, what does it means?
Why downvote post using Dtube? And why even downvote even other votes?

Did you ask the accounts that upvoted you why they upvoted you?

Dtub has a bad rep here.
It is a reputation they earned through their actions.
Posting to dtub is unlikely to be rewarded in hive.

Yes because I'm publishing Music.
With this hives I'm able to continue doing music.

I'm asking you to stop to downvote me.
Instead you should upvote me and proving you are better then them.

I did upvote you.
Much more than any flags you've gotten from this account.
Flags from this account are dust votes, you can ignore them.

Just disconnect your dtub posts from posting in the hive, too.
IF that is not an option, and you still want hive rewards, I suggest not posting to dtub.

If you are posting both on dtub and on 3speak, you are 'recycling content' and that behavior gets flagged, too.
You will likely want to stop doing that.

Prove it. I'm not sure about it.

Trying to educate dtube by subtracting hives from creators' posts,
is like trying to educate banks by embezzling money from client accounts.

Is this your vanguard revolution ?

If I disconnect my Dtube account my post will be with 0 reward anyways, because dtube is my better curator, so at least it is more smart to pubblish synched from Dtube

You down vote even the post out of DTube. Why?

Look, just because I'm willing to help you understand don't mean you get to treat me with disrespect.

The votes from this account are dust, even in the poorest country in the world it will buy you nothing.
Get some respect in your mouth or f**k off.