Programmers Pains & Some Tips To Get Back In Programming

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Among many professions out there, programming/coding is among the leading that is applicable in every industry.

Programming is a profession that requires consistent learning. The more you work and encounter errors the more you know, which means the only way to be successful as a programmer is to be building and learning consistently.

There are times that programmers would need to take some time off work probably to do other things for weeks, months or years. When they come back to code after a long time, it feels like they are new again to some things, and features they build before in 20 minutes turns to something of 3 hours or more. Because of my various work and field sometimes I move off programming for 1 or 2 months. I ensure I don't stay off too long so that I will not be forgetting some basic things, but even with this short period, I still face some issues with things I used to know.

I am a fan of Brad Traversy(Traversy Media on YouTube). He took off-break 2 or 3 months to break off programming and his channel. When he came back he shared some good tips that could help any programmer to get back to their position after a long time break. The tips may not work for everyone, but they should work for the majority of programmers. I understand what it takes to be struggling with things you know before. The tips will also work for any developer, even if you are consistently working.


Stick to an area

The programming world is wide, and you can't just cover it all within a short period. I did a full-stack development course a year and months ago, and after the course the instructor said, you guys are not full stack yet, you may have the idea of how things work back to front, but you can't be doing it all at once. Choose front or back. When you master one you go to the other. Thinking about how techs like machine learning, blockchain and the rest are spreading can put devs under pressure. However, it is better to take it step by step.

Set a Time

You should have time to work. Since you are just coming back you should set a short time like two hours a day. Using more time may not help you, and you can get discouraged and exhausted quick.

Start learning again

Because of the updates and upgrades in libraries and frameworks, you may have deprecated codes in your previous works, and you will have to learn new ways of doing stuff. React Js 4 years ago is not the same as now.

Start a side project

This is the real work here. Starting a personal project of something you like to see working would give you the motivation to keep working. This is applicable for any consistent developer also.

Join a community

I was working on a small project for a community on Hive months ago. I encounter a serious issue while deploying on Heroku. I checked the entire documentation of the Heroku but nothing seems to be helping(maybe I wasn't checking well though). I went to one of the programmers' communities I joined to seek help, and someone helped out. With a large community and experiences devs that make up Hive, it will be easy to get help.

Don't get discouraged

Humans are designed with peaks and valleys that is why our best every day are different. There are days where writing two lines of code will be like a tough job, and there are days that we will do exceedingly more without stress. When you are getting back to programming you will see things that will discourage you. Your knowledge will seem outdated, and you will have reasons to step back again, but pushing through it and consistent work will move you forward.

Take Breaks

Do not exhaust yourself. Take a break when you need to. You may have a day off every 7 days and 7days between 3 months. You can go for a short vacation and move along with friends, have fun to make your mind function properly.

Happy Hacking!

Thank you for reading!

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So i do have this liking towards anything computers and programs or stuff but guess what? I have zero knowledge. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

You can start learning. Seems you are a Nigerian.

Yes. I am. I would start learning when i have been properly settled. Seem like programing isn't child's play and I'm currently occupied with school and work... P.S school sucks

Programming needs consistency and time. Good luck with your school.