Mental illness a censured sickness (Part One)

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We the Centennials or the kids of Gen Z are quite habituated with so much innovation, in-depth knowledge of new researches, experiencing the many milestones achieved by humans. Even now humans are still striving to reach out of outer space, to know more, to learn more but not to sit idle. Though this is the scenario still a large population faces some traumatic disturbances which come up with knowing to be mentally unhealthy or being mentally ill.

But, before I begin the first section of this essay, I'd like to thank someone who reminded me of its significance. Thank you @surrealfia for creating The Blues. I could recall the entire scene in my mind as I read through the lines because I had witnessed it myself. Perhaps many/some did. As a result, I am grateful to you for bringing it up. You've written beautifully. I'm going to highlight one aspect of what you've talked about, which is still a sensitive subject for me.

In this ever-expanding universe where humans are overly preoccupied with their activities and innovations, many Centennials still face a tagged title, a teasy nickname, or strange glares when they admit to having a mental illness. It is a stigmatized topic, but it is painful to bear such words or slashes simply because one is open about their mental illness. How will they find solutions if they don't talk about it? How will treatments be discovered if no one studies them? How will we survive in the twenty-first century if we continue to stigmatize mental illness?

This is quite a triggering topic for me, that is because mental illness is not considered to be an illness. In reality, it is another type of illness like physical illness, it is mental illness. Primarily such is what common people know but it has barely survived to receive its recognition vividly. It is still treated as a minor issue and physical sickness is given more attention. Some are unaware, some neglect, some tease on the topic and makes comedy out of it. Let me ask a question, why must we be shy to share that we need help to recover? Are we guilty to ask for financial help? Are we guilty to ask for physical help? Do we not want to recover or is the population already growing so much some of us can die in vain it won't be problematic? Do we think like that? Isn't it worth it to try to heal?

After 9-10 months of journey, we arrive on Earth, we find oxygen, we come in contact with so much more but due to mental illness we die little by little every day, I wonder why? In some areas, even physical remedies are off track as corruption rules over. It is quite hard for common people to predict what the remedies can be, that's obvious, an expert will always know better. In some areas, mental illness is stigmatized. People belittle the ones going through the sickness. Defaming, belittling, dishonoring, why are such words acquainted to a patient? Aren't they already suffering a lot more than they can take?

Let me leave the questions unanswered, and attend to them in my next post. These are fragile concerns that need more attention than negligence. I am coming back to it later. Take into account how concerned we are about our mental health, how distracted we are, or are we so engrossed in our daily lives and physical well-being that we have failed to recognize what constitutes a healthy mental state.

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you know sometimes it's surprising how people treat patients with Cancer and Alzheimers (just saying hypothetically)... both are illnesses but in the eyes of outsiders, one is to be treated with much kindness and care and the other should be treated like a plague... and that's why people don't usually opt to go to a psychiatrist... just think about it, your friend may be suggesting that you should consult with someone but your neighbour next door starting to spread gossip about it, making it a monumental mess...

although when I was facing my issues, I barely could rest. I was sleeping like 3 or 4 hours or sometimes no sleep at all and it really affected me, just lying half-awake is very painful, to be honest. you may be facing multiple issues at the same time, big and small... But sometimes it just so happens that you can't figure out exactly which point is more bothersome to you the most...

You know it almost seems like how we'd (as in society) treat people with other illnesses... a drug addict and a mental health patient are treated almost the same way

I feel the society doesn't consider mental health patients as patients. But, your point is accurate too that even physical health problems are not getting the right attention it needs to. Both illnesses are very different from each other and definitely have different diagnostic procedures and after-effects.

The simple recognition of these illnesses to be considered as illness is which is less addressed or more like understood in our society which is really a tragic story or more frustrating.

just lying half-awake is very painful, to be honest


But sometimes it just so happens that you can't figure out exactly which point is more bothersome to you the most...

Unable to connect, is bothersome. The society's drama added to that of self confusions add up to the limitless thought barricades. The actual mode of realization may trigger once we can actually freely understand the circumstances of the problem.

Some say na, that if you know the diagnosis you can cure but if you are unaware of the conditions, how may we solve it out? And, when such crucial matters are treated as insignificant, it just becomes more unbearable.