Pearls and princesses

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It's pouring pearls and diamonds

It's been raining heavily at least 4-5 times a day by the buckets full and it makes me think that there are holes in the sky. Don't laugh at me, it does feel that way most of the time. However, the silver lining to the dark clouds (pun intended) is the beams of light that reach us mortals during these dark times, give us hope that one day soon we'll still find the hiding sun. I still have the pleasure of grabbing a few photographs after each spell of rain. This image above of water dripping from my network Calathea or Calathea musaica makes me happy as though I discovered some jewels during an accidental excavation. Aren't these diamonds pretty or are these pearls?

Drenched and battered

That is the condition of my roses now. The rain drenches the plant and the slugs and snails gobble up the tender leaves. Still there are times when the flowers bravely fight through the adversity and still spread their fragrance.

Purple rain

Well I am not talking about the film or the musical. The rain drops dripping down the purple bloom seem to hang in there for a bit just to greedily grab the color and hold it close it its heart. Maybe its just my conjecture but these drops hanging on to these blooms seem like poetry in action.

Corals and pearls

What a combination! A match made in heaven, a contrast that pleases the eye and makes the heart dance with delight. Even the ants came from distant lands to find the secret of such fusion. They didn't come out of simple admiration, they came with malice in their hearts as deep and dark as the weather around. They came to bring pests, to destroy their blushing youth and make them wither by sucking up their life sap.

The pink princess

Look at her regal appearance, the garments studded with diamonds as huge as the eye has ever seen. From her crown down to the hem scalloped and fringed with lace she is a beauty beyond compare. No princess of the world has ever before worn garments of such majesty and elegance. Who had ever thought of such artistry and grace before. The human kind which claims to have creative imagination has only plagiarized nature and called it originality. Open your eyes to the truth, God alone is the creator, he alone is creative, man is but a cheap imitator of the beauty of his creation.

Caught and trapped

In a drop of water the sun is finally caught and trapped. Did he come hoping to cool his thirst? Or did he come looking for a mirror? Whatever was his intent, he was finally trapped, but only until the wind dried up that little droplet that proudly believed that it had had the Sun eating out of its leaves.

Necklace strung with Ruby and crystals

What a work of art! Designs the mind has never fathomed.
Is that a tail of a peacock made precious with imagination or is it the thoughtless dabble of a creative mind preoccupied with beauty and love? Whatever it is, it sure seems like a heart flowing with love dripping with compassion and sweetness. What cannot be contained needs to overflow, this is the law of life, this is the law of nature.

An embellished silver bowl

Even though succulents don't like too much water here they don't seem to mind these droplets hanging on to them. This silver bowl with a string of diamonds big and small makes this simple element called water seem so poetic and romantic. Its not what you have but how you use it that matters. This plain silver bowl takes on a new and dramatic look with this adorning string of diamonds.

Hidden pearls

Like a treasure hunt there were droplets hiding amongst the leaves. I wonder how many pearls I'd find if I had to count them all, perhaps hundred, perhaps a few hundreds. The plant was hung with pearls like a Christmas tree with lights.

The games have begun

Are these ants taking part in the treasure hunt too? They are keen observers, they don't take their job lightly. Look at them getting into the nooks and crannies to ensure that they find all the gems hidden inside.

Is nature crying?

Are these tears or blood? Whatever these are, these flowers won't last long. They don't take to these lashing kindly. The petals drop within a couple of days. Rain is good, but too much of any good thing is not so good in reality.

Fresh as ferns

One kind of plant that thrives in the rain are the ferns. Looks at these leaves loaded with gems. The camera didn't actually capture much of the water as the lighting wasn't right. I had to take a few shots before I got a decent shot though not a great one.

I hope you liked my pearls and princess. There were many princesses and pearls in this post of mine and I hope they seemed so to you. Tell me what you thought of this if you took the effort to reach this far.

Thank you for all your support, that's what keeps me going.


These succulents are so attractive and depict their natural beauty from a classy photography.
I've missed your presence here. Welcome back.

Thank you @mrenglish for the warm comment. Its good to know that was remembered by someone.