Why is it important to take care of our mental health?

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When we have good mental health is because we have a state of well-being under which we can realize our skills, however not everything is limited to that act, but we can also get to face the vicissitudes of life, not everything is rosy, we know that in life we can go through bad times and good times, but the bad ones we can face as long as we have a state of well-being that allows us to understand how important it is to develop our own skills.

It is important that many of us see mental health as something that goes beyond a care and welfare for our mind, because if we look we will surely find a way of understanding that leads us to a broader and more versatile concept about the evolution of our mental health, often we believe that avoiding stress we are promoting a state of optimal mental health, however this goes beyond that vision.

How can we take care of our mental health?

Certainly it is undoubtedly that many of us associate the fact of having good mental health with our personal well-being, it is because we are solving different areas of personal well-being such as having a generalized good physical health, as the saying goes: "healthy body healthy mind".

There are many ways that we can follow to create habits that help us to develop an excellent mental health, however these are some of the habits that I consider are important to keep a mental health:

  • Have the ability to accept when we must stop: many times we give ourselves fully to the work, that while it is true they can be jobs that give us economic benefits but that exhaust us to the point of bringing us problems with our mental health, the important thing is to know how to identify when this affects us and stop and take a break to return to the desired balance.

  • Have healthy social relationships: for no one is a secret that there are toxic people, ie people who are negative, who are only responsible for spreading constantly through social networks and various media, the best thing for our mental health is to try to stay away from anyone who sponsors hatred and bad news, as this puts us in a state of stress that can damage our health to chronic state if possible.

On the contrary, having friendships that are the counterpart of those mentioned above, i.e. those who proclaim love for others, good vibes and positivity to move forward, generate in us an impulse to raise our self-esteem to levels that promote a good mental state.


There are diverse and broad habits that we can develop in the search to find and maintain optimal mental health, however nothing better than adapting some habits to improve our mental health to go according to our experiences and criteria of experiences.


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