Entry Level vs High-end Gaming Mice

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It has been about a week that I've bought and have been using an entry level mouse, the Logitech G102 Light-Sync to be precise. It has been close to 2 years since I have last used an entry level mouse and it was the previous model of this exact one, the Prodigy. After selling that one I started using the Razer Viper and various different mice, switching it up once in a while to try out and find different and suitable shapes mainly. Now it seems that I'm back to square one, almost.

Just recently my main mouse started acting up, it would lose connection all of a sudden and then connect back up repeatedly. I'm talking about my lovely Cooler Master MM711, which I so dearly love and adore, it was and is one hell of a package. A worthy mouse from its release and to this day compared to the other available options in the market. The specs to price ratio is just unbeatable. Yet, I was quite certain that some kind of an issue would pop up sooner or later and to my surprise it happened rather sooner than later. Cooler Master peripherals are known for their QC and technical issues. But I've been using mine for only a mere 4 months, so I wasn't expecting issues this early on, this was too early even for Cooler Master's standards.

So, after the slight downgrade(at least I thought it would be a slight downgrade) to a mouse that costs half the price of the MM711 and after using it for a week or so, the experience has been a total nightmare. Even when I upgraded from this one's previous version to the Razer Viper back in early 2020, the difference did not feel like much even though the Viper costed WAY more. After on having tried many mice, lots of switching and upgrades the difference was mainly in the shape and pricing. Everything else was "good" at least, for all price ranges. BUT now that I've "downgraded" instead of upgrading or being in the same category/price range, I feel and maybe even "see" a HUGE difference.

The MM711 being double the price of the G102, it might not seem like an interesting pick for many. Especially in our local market where probably 50% to 60% of the market stick to the 2500 Taka/$30 USD mark. End of the day it's all about budget, preferences and how the product is being used. If you're a casual gamer, who mixes it up, plays games once in a while just to chill then yeah, that entry level is MORE THAN ENOUGH. BUT, if you're someone who focuses on online FPS/Shooters, takes it even a tad bit seriously and wants achievements, wants to reach and improve to their full potential, then you'll SURELY NEED to up your budget. These days mice manufacturers aren't just focused on "gaming" they build and market their mice for precision and their goal is to attract FPS players. The FPS genre is the category that holds a lot of the money at the moment and it will be like that for years to come, trust me on that.

So, when it comes to "FPS centric mice" there are a LOT of things you have to take into account. Yet, nowadays it's way easier to get a compatible mouse compared to what it used to be two or three years ago, at least here in our country. Now, back to the mice engineered for precision. When we talk precision and aim, that is mostly done by the sensor and sensors used to be quite inconsistent a few years, but not anymore. The sensor is something you shouldn't even dive much into, just make sure it's made by some well known company and is fairly reviewed, 9 out of 10 sensor performances are almost identical these days. What really is and should be the focus is, if you're into FPS games and wanting to get a mouse FPS focused mouse. Then these are the things to look out for when buying a mouse, starting with the feet, cable, weight and shape(trust me on this) if you really want to improve and want consistency when aiming, these four things are key. While upgrading from mice to mice I couldn't catch on to the actual amount of differences these things made. I did know they made a difference as a whole but now after downgrading, I just SEE and feel it clearly in every attachment and part.

My MM711 is probably the best and suitable shape for me, it has smoother feet for fast, smoother glides, a wire that almost feels non-existent and it's also one of the lightest wired mice out there in the market. Hence, at the moment these four very simple and overlooked attributes are the actual game changers when it comes to FPS games and being precise.

Now, all this detail and features aren't something new to me, I know their purpose and how critical they can be as a whole, but after downgrading I really see it and can't stress enough about the differences I've felt. My aim went from a 8 out of 10 to a 6 out of 10 maybe even a 5 and that is quite drastic when it comes to FPS shooters, where you're up against other players who are just as skilled and maybe equipped with better tech. It wasn't just me missing shots, I also had to put more effort into aiming and recoil control, simply because the glides weren't smooth and this mouse is WAY heavier. Whereas on my MM711 everything felt effortless and consistent, there was absolute flow present there. The G102 though, the amount of inconsistency I have faced so far felt like I was a newbie at the game and genre, getting punished in easy situations where I would have won effortlessly if I was on my MM711.

All in all, this was quite the learning experience and I'm all up for that. So, end conclusion being once again PREFERENCE, casual? Entry level it is. FPS focused and trying on improve day by day? Then you surely need something suitable and of flagship category, the difference is night and day. Yet, luckily for us there are many budget friendly options nowadays, thanks to the competition and demand for such peripherals. The Razer Viper Mini probably being the ultimate budget friendly option at the moment, especially for FPS or even casual gaming.

That's all from me on this one, do take care guys. Cheers and GG 🥃 ☮️




I, too, have the exact mouse Logitech G102 Light-Sync. Been using it for more than a year, and still working fine. Best budget mouse from Logitech.