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RE: Human Evolution and our Ancestry

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While that orange baboon and like-minded nincompoops might shake their heads, our african origin is generally accepted among the scientific community, is it not?

I find it amusing that even with so much empirical evidence, a few communities will always try to portray evolution as "just a theory"
. While I know they are unaware that a theory means something else entirely than its colloqiual counterpart when it comes to science but it is funny seeing the very same deniers using hybrid food crops! Also better breeds, thanks to artificial selection!

Anyways, even though I'm delighted to have my African gene, I don't think I still have the 'n' pass! 😅


Oh! I have the ‘n’ pass, within certain community ;)

I had to earn it...

Dang! Thats a big deal! The internet apparently values it way more than a nobel prize! ;)


Yeah! That is actually valued more than the pen ceremony. Look at my discord profile picture sometimes. It's no accident

Our African ancestry is a scientific fact. Like earth is round. But there are people who strongly believe that Earth is flat.... still!