What Is Inside The Earth?

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We all know what is on the surface of the earth. But what is inside it?
The surface of the earth is crust. It is made of different rocks and stones. Although it is thinner than the interior of the earth, it is a solid layer. This layer of the earth is divided into two parts. 1. Oceanic crust. 2. Continental crust.
This layer of the earth is about 100 km. Wide up. The name of the second layer of the earth is Mantle. This level is about 2900 km. Deep. The temperature here is around 4000 ° Celsius. This layer is divided into two parts. 1. Upper Mantle 2. Lower Mantle. The Upper Mantle forms a long region along the surface. Magma enters the earth's crust through cracks in this part and is emitted as lava through volcanoes.
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Astherosphere is a part of the Upper Mantle. Astherosphere is made entirely of plastic. Core is the innermost layer of the earth. The upper part is the Outer Core and the lower part is the Inner Core. Outer Core is called Liquid Core. Inner Core is called Solid Core. Outer Core 2400 km Thick. This layer is composed of iron and nickel. The temperature of this layer is 4500 ° Celsius. So iron and nickel are in liquid state in this region. It is for this level that magnetic waves have been created on Earth.
Inner Core 1200 km A solid layer with a radius of 20% of the Earth's radius and 60% of the Moon's radius. It is 6371 km from the earth. Located deep. This layer consists of solid iron and nickel. The temperature of this layer is 6000 Celsius. This level puts pressure on other parts of the world. Due to this pressure the melting point of iron and nickel increases drastically. So this part remains in a difficult state.