The process of using Ironite Powder Floor Hardener

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Ironite Powder Floor Hardener. These are a kind of metallic mixed powder. These are to be used on the floor. After casting the floor when the concrete starts to dry light this hardener powder is spread on it and flattened on the casting. These are commonly used in industrial places. These are not used at home. This is because they are used in places where there is a risk of erosion due to overuse. These are not made in Bangladesh. These are very expensive things. These have to be imported from abroad. We imported from India for this work.

The video you can see above shows Hardener being used after casting the top of a returning wall. This returning wall is being used inside the gypsum shed. It is being made in a cement company in our country. . The size of this shed (190m * 60m) and its image will be gypsum. And this retaining wall will be used to hold that gypsum. Since a lot of gypsum will be raised and lowered on it, the designers of this structure said to use this metallic hardener here. So we're using these here. We imported a total of 2500 kg. This was done with the help of a company in Bangladesh. They taught us to use them with their people.


The use of these makes the top of the casting much more durable. Does not decay easily. These have to be used very carefully. Because if you use more, the casting will burst immediately. Again, if you use less, the casing will not be properly tightened. So you have to use them according to the usage rules. 2 coat hardener has to be used on the upper surface of the casting. These dry out very quickly. Due to which they have to be used after a long time of casting. Otherwise it is seen that the hardener dries before the casting dries. And it takes a long time to dry the soft concrete below. As a result, it is not possible to smooth the surface. And when you use them, you have to start smoothing the concrete top immediately. Otherwise, they will not mix with the concrete properly. Since it dry very quickly, it need to be cured very well

There are many types of hardeners. Some are liquid, some mix perfectly with concrete, some are like powder, some are colored hardeners. These are very expensive but work very well. These are now used in many places. We have got good results using these.

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