Reasons behind using Rats in scientific experiments

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Science is working endlessly for discovering the cures for various problems. In medical science rat is a usual thing for experiment or trial for anything. It is used for the outcome of any invention. Those are implemented on the rats before using them on human. Why is that? Have you ever thought or known about that?


Lets see some facts on that

1st point: A logical reason

Rat is a small animal. It can be carried from one place to another easily than the other huge animals.They can be easily housed, maintained and adapted well to any new surroundings. They are also very calm and not attacking type animal which is a great helpful thing in using them. Another thing the are relatively inexpensive as compared to others for experiments.

2nd point:High reproduction power

The reproduction level of rats is very high.Their reproductive rate is very high compared to others. They live a short life and can easily experiment on many generations of them within a short time.

3rd point:Close to the number of human genes

There is a lot of similarities between human and rats. Their genes are about 85% similar to us.Thats why on various experiment rats are used are the representatives of humans. New inventions like medicines are firstly experimented on them before using them on human. "Rats and mice are those creatures that has many similarities with humans and are suitable to use for the results in many researches " said by Jenny Haliski.

4th point:Genetically modifications

Another great reasons is their genetically modifications. Their genes can easily be modified and examine the results very easily. How different types of genes reacts on various experiments is usually the common reasons of using them. Scientists genetically-modified,which are called 'Transgenic rats". Selected genes can be turned on or made inactive which are called "knockout rats" these are generally used for our various disease purpose.


Some diseases of humans for which rats are used are :
Heart disease,
Respiratory problems etc.

This little creatures are being sacrificed daily for the betterment of human civilization.


I had an idea about the third point you mentioned but the other three, expecially the second and last one were new to me.

Lovely post by the way.

Thank you.These points i have learned from some articles in past so i liked to share them here today. You may share your idea...