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Can you imagine having a super vision, seeing things that no one could naturally see. Yeah, like having a Superman vision but not, totally like Superman, but you get my point (smiles). With this new tech, you can ultimately say good bye to glasses. I, myself don't like much screen time, so I make use of glasses, but I don't like wearing glasses, because it makes me look like a geek/nerd. With bionic lens, that will all in the past, I will be able to see clearly without looking like a geek. I know some of you are already eager to know about this magic lens, just sit back and read through and you know everything about this super awesome lens that could change our future for the better.


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What Are Bionic Lens?

Bionic lens are the future of human eye sights. These lens were created Dr Garth Webb, who had a mission to make human eyes more than 3 times better than our aspired 20/20 vision. The Bionic lens are implanted into the eyes through a painless surgical in-office procedure. What I mean by "in-office procedure", is that, the procedure isn't super complex which would have required moving the patients into the theater. It's a simple procedure that can be carried out in the doctor's office and in about 8 minutes of surgery time. To better help you understand the procedure, it is closely similar to the cataract surgery, which would require the removal of our natural lens and then replacing it with an artificial lens. That's exactly how bionic lens surgical procedure are carried out. Just like in the cataract procedure, where our natural lens are replaced with an artificial lens, in the bionic lens procedure, the artificial lens is actually the bionic lens. Whereas in cataract surgery, the main goal is to cure the eyes from cataract but in bionic lens case, the main goal is to greatly improve the human vision to an exceptional capacity that we could only wish for but know we can't get such vision, but with the bionic lens, the impossible becomes possible. As Dr Garth Webb said,

This is vision enhancement that the world has never seen before. Source

And he also said,

Bionic Lens isn’t a magic bullet, its a darn good tool now…we can have a projection system installed within the eye and upgrade it at anytime that we want that it’s capable of projecting images out in aerial space… instead of looking at my phone or saying i can’t see the print very well or don’t have the desire to grab my pocket and fiddle with it, you can actually tell your mainframe computer which will either be your watch or your headband where the microchips will be stored and you can say that you would like to see a computer face please, and it will generate from with inside the eye and if you got all the apps and service your eyes your phone provide you today. Source


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Why Did I Say That The Bionic Lens Is The Future Of Humans Eye Sight?

I suppose at this stage of the article, you are already eager to know exactly why I'm hyping the bionic lens, but honestly I'm not. You will soon see it for yourself and then you will know why I said it's the future of human eyes. With the last quotation from Dr Webb, you could see that it is the future of human eyes. According to him, the bionic lens can used to control technologically advanced appliances such as televisions, phones, air conditioners, etc. It actually seems it will be connected to our brains. Are you not already thinking or Iron Man, Tony Stark(because that's what I'm thinking), that his incredible glasses which he uses to control almost everything and talk to Jarvis. But we will actually be better than Tony Stark, because we won't need any glasses at all. Isn't this just super incredible? I will give some few reasons why I know that the Bionic Lens will be the future of human eyes. But before then, just imagine having something better than Tony Stark glasses. Isn't that dope?


Photo by Hubble on Unsplash

  • Good Bye To Eye Problems: With bionic lens, you can say good bye to eye problems for life. Why is this so? I hope you can recall when I said that the surgical procedures is similar to cataract procedures in which our natural human lens is replaced with an artificial lens, which is the bionic lens. So if we don't have our natural lens, we are then immune to eye problems such as Cataracts, Conjunctivitis, Diabetic eye problems, Glaucoma, etc. Won't it be great to know you can never have eye problems?

  • Enhanced Vision: With the bionic lens, you will have super enhanced vision that is unbelievable. Can imagine seeing objects such as a can of coke 30 feet away from you. I said, 30 feet, not 10 feet. It sounds impossible right? But with bionic lens it is possible. You would be able to see objects 30 feet away from you clearly. Apart from clarity, it also has the ability to focus. Yeah, you heard right. You can focus at a far away object, just as you focus your cameras on some particular objects, so you would be able to do with your eyes. How is this even possible? The bionic lens connects with our eyes muscles, hence, having the ability to auto-regulate our vision.

  • Improved Eyes Strength: You get that feeling after staring at your smartphone or computer for too long, you start getting eyes strain and headaches, annoying right? Don't worry, it will become a thing of the past with the bionic lens. I for one, I suffer from eyes strains and headache everyday, and that's why almost everything I do on my smartphone and laptop is on dark mode. I can't stand the white mode, I guess a lot people are suffering from this same thing and that's why almost every app now has a dark mode feature. How could the bionic lens improve our eyes strength? It's simple, the bionic lens only makes use of only 1/100 of our eyes energy, hence, no eyes stress, hence, no eyes strain and headaches.

I should stop here, although there still some good reasons why the bionic lens is the future of human eyes, but just for the length of the article I will stop here. Well, according to Dr Webb,

If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, when you get the Bionic Lens you can see the clock at 30 feet (9 metres) away. Source.


Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Can Bionic Lens Cure All Eye Problems

Bionic lens is a very very advanced technology that could change the future of humans' vision for the better but it can't cure all eye problems. Bionic lens was created to improve our eyes and prevent eye problems not cure them. Although, it can cure eye problems like Cataract and Glaucoma, because it is just by replacing our natural lens with bionic lens, and the problem is all over. But cases like severe macular degeneration, color blindness, genetic retinal disease or cloudy corneas, these eyes problems are beyond bionic lens. Bionic lens can not help kids and teenagers because humans' eyes structure gets fully developed at age 25 and that's the age limit for patients that will be getting the bionic lens. Bionic lens is a super lens but it still can't be everything.


Source: Commons Wikimedia, CC-BY-3.0


Bionic lens is the future of human eyes. It will definitely make glasses and lens obsolete. It's features are remarkable, all we can do now is to hope and wait for when it's approved to be used. Although, there are price speculations that each lens would cost about $3,000, so that's $6,000 in total i.e for both eyes. It's expensive but it's definitely worth the price tag. We entering into the digital era and the bionic lens just fits right in. The Bionic lens will be a major advancement in the world of optometry and ophthalmology, as well as technology.

I leave you with a video from Dr Garth Webb, enjoy.

Source: Youtube

Till Next Time, Stay Safe.


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