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There are a great variety of physical bodies, which allow light to pass through and we can observe through its transparency, for example, water in its liquid state, allows the naked eye to observe how light passes through it.


Human beings have a physical body, and we look for any way to appear what we really are not, to please our family, partner or friends.

Let's stop for a moment to think, if our body were transparent, would we let the Light pass through or would we look for a thousand ways to cover ourselves?


Transparency is a quality or a value?

In politics, transparency is used to inform and account for plans and project management.

In the social field, transparency is used to make our true history known.

In Science, Transparency is used to allow access to great advances.



Transparency should be applied 100%, but we are not able to be transparent with ourselves. Besides, not everything can be said in Life, we always hide some secret.

Can we imagine one day, after waking up, when you look in the mirror a Transparent body? What would that body be like? Radiant of Light? or Dark?

It is time to reflect, and think if we are transparent and how we can apply it in our daily life.

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Very interesting write up here. I think that if the transparency test actually comes into place, most more than fifty percent of humans would be found guilty. Transparency as you said should be applied in our daily living because it can help put a check in most things we do. Lovely post dear !PIZZA

I agree with you, not all humans would be willing to face the Challenge. Thank you very much for visiting my blog and writing a nice comment.

You're welcome 😊

Thanks 🤗


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