Human Evolution and our Ancestry

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You ARE an African

Let me tell you a fact, that you may or may not like. You are an African. Yes, it’s a fact. There are no alternative facts 😊. Why I am saying this? Let me explain. I am a geologist. Human evolution is something of my expertise (I should say, mostly a hobby). Fact is I can teach Human Evolution in any university of the world quite easily. So, with that said, lets lay out the evidence.



That picture above is from a book review published in Nature. I wish some of you write in Nature someday (one individual to be precise, you know who you are). The book review is not that important to our immediate discussion, but the picture is. It is a picture of a Samburu Warrior, who is looking over the Rift Valley in Kenya. He stands sentinel over the valley which is considered the cradle of human civilization. Yes, Lara Croft can be right sometimes, at least partially. Although there has been recent discovery of 300,000 years old human remains in Morocco and 190,000-120,000 year old human remains “Out of Africa” in Misliya Cave, Israel; it is generally considered the East African Rift Valley is where “human” beings originated from. I personally do not worry about the precision of the date.


Following up on the next map, which is still the most widely accepted map in term general dates and path the human migration took, several key elements will be clear. Human beings evolved around the East African Rift Valley, in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania. The fossil record from both caves and lake beds are quite definitive. This is about 60-65 thousand years back. From Africa, the migrated to Middle East first and then progressively towards Indian Peninsula around 50K years back. Europe around 40K years. Across the SE Asia to Australia around 50 – 45K years. Through Siberia, crossing the Bering Strait to North American during the last Ice Age around 15 K years back. Why Ice Age was important you ask?



According to the map above, the sea level was about 400 ft lower compared to present. With huge amount of ice trapped in the polar ice caps and mountain and continental glaciers, majority of the continental shelf was exposed. Meaning people can walk across Bering Strait and you can basically walk from India to the Malaysian-Indonesian archipelago all the way to Australia quite easily. Our ancestors may require small water crossings, but they could be accomplished using simple boats and navigation.


Yes, you are basically an African, a black man. So am I. No disrespect to any modern, historical or religious figures, but the following are facts as well.

Have you heard that Jesus was a black man? You better believe it.

How about Muhammad. Yep, African.

Krishna? Yep, if we consider him historic (I do, I think he was one of the best political strategist), then yes.

Gautam? You guessed it… African.

Let’s move to modern times. How about the Orange guy? Yeah, he too! He doesn’t have enough brain matter to get it. His IQ level is sub-human, buy hey it can’t be his fault, its mostly his gene! But don’t worry about it. He is a Black Man, as per his ancestry! 😉


I wish I had a friend like you 20 years ago. What started with a book on the Great Pyramid, expanded into a bookcase of books on ancient civilizations, life, tools, knowledge we have somehow lost.

That valley in Kenya is cited multiple times as the Cradle of civilization, and I'm totally fine with that :)

Thanks for that kind word. I personally never left school in my mind. Makes me who I am today, good; bad or ugly..

That way of thinking has served you well. I'm only just picking the books up again after a somewhat wasted 20 year break.

While that orange baboon and like-minded nincompoops might shake their heads, our african origin is generally accepted among the scientific community, is it not?

I find it amusing that even with so much empirical evidence, a few communities will always try to portray evolution as "just a theory"
. While I know they are unaware that a theory means something else entirely than its colloqiual counterpart when it comes to science but it is funny seeing the very same deniers using hybrid food crops! Also better breeds, thanks to artificial selection!

Anyways, even though I'm delighted to have my African gene, I don't think I still have the 'n' pass! 😅

Oh! I have the ‘n’ pass, within certain community ;)

I had to earn it...

Dang! Thats a big deal! The internet apparently values it way more than a nobel prize! ;)


Yeah! That is actually valued more than the pen ceremony. Look at my discord profile picture sometimes. It's no accident

Our African ancestry is a scientific fact. Like earth is round. But there are people who strongly believe that Earth is flat.... still!

I cant even imagine the tingling sensation that might be flowing through the Samburu warriors nerves and neurons experiencing such a marvelous spectacle!! Such elucidations of grandeur always gives me goosebumps dada!

But one thing is for sure, id look exactly like him wearing that garb or whatever it is called while holding that spear:vv a little less tall perhaps:pp but exactly like that!!

We all look exactly like we imagine ourselves.... remember that.

So it boils down to your choice how you see yourself your projection becomes exactly that.

Remember “Chander Pahar”? There was a volcano there, described by Bibhutibhusan .... oldoiniyo lengai.... Did you know that volcano is real... and from this general area?

I didnt know that actually!! But Bibhutibhushan describing Kalahari desert and over all the Ugandan terrains always made me wonder as if he wrote while being in those places!! Like you said. We look like what we imagine ourselves to be! And I always imagined shankar to be him!! The ragged adventurer!!

He never stepped a foot outside Bengal to the best of my knowledge. Definitely not outside India. His knowledge of Africa was through books from National Library in Kolkata. Imagine producing something without the help of internet. I couldn't write this 1 pager without internet! Writing a book of that magnitude.... well that's something else.

I could write this 1 pager without internet! Writing a book of that magnitude.... well that's something else.

Now you are just being plain humble:vvv

He never stepped a foot outside Bengal to the best of my knowledge.

This is how I learned to imagine dada!! Being like apu, and the rest of the bunch!! This shows how our temples are so damn powerful!! Creating a universe that we will never get to see!!

It's very true. I bet sooner would love to deny it. The ice age was the one that pinched the numbers right down to a ridiculous small amount wasn't it? Or an I getting confused!

No denying the inevitable! Now you know why you like to rap so much!

I knew it was in the blood!!

Very nice post, I wish everyone now think about global warming 👍

This post doesn’t really talk about global warming

I know but as your post is nature related that's why I just share my opinion,not about ur post