How Much RAM do you Need?

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While it is always good to have an excess of RAM in your Smartphone there has to be a certain bare Minimum of RAM that theoretically could get the Job Done. I remember not so quite ago all it required was just 1-2 GB of RAM Memory and it was considered more than enough to run a Smartphone properly but nowadays it seems 6 GB of RAM has become kind of the Benchmark for most of the Smartphones with RAM going upwards to around 16 GB per device. The demand for more RAM came as Android smartphones became quite popular for Gaming and Streaming and we know that both of those require some heavy processing so the demand for High RAM devices went up as well which in turn led to Smartphone Manufacturing Companies Marketing their Devices on Higher RAM as well.

I am using a Mi 10T Pro smartphone as my daily driver and I can say this for sure I don't even know how much RAM my device has, as it was never a priority for me as I knew it would be enough since I was buying a Flagship Smartphone. Another concept that recently came up was the whole Virtual Expansion of RAM which basically means you can expand the processing speed of your already existing RAM make Apps open faster and keep on working on the BAckground Longer. Now I have yet to try this Virtual RAM Boosting feature as it is not available on my Smartphone but I seriously doubt it will provide that much of a difference.

Anyways I personally feel like 8 GB of RAM is more than sufficient to run almost all day-to-day activities and tasks easily and if you are a GAMING GUY like me then 12 GB should be the sweet spot for you.



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I'm using Mi 10 6GB Ram and 128GB Storage, that should do pretty much everything I could think of...

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