Curator Cat: Disruption to My Daily Life — Strangers in the House!

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I'm a cat who likes his routines!

Unfortunately, everything feels upside-down today. The Hoomans have been have trouble with "The Internet" and they ended up calling in a technician from the cable company to take a look at it, and hopefully make things work right.

Finding refuge in the Mom-Hooman's office...

Of course, that means he's been moving my cat condos around and clearing/cleaning the space around where the cables come into the house — essentially where my large cat condo lives, by the windows — and moving my perches out of the way.

It's all very disruptive. My big cat condo is now away from the window, and I just have a view of a bookcase and a desk, rather than the yard!

This is NOT where this belongs, Hooman!

Then, of course, there is a strange Hooman wandering in and out of the house and making a lot of noise and poking around in things.

It's all very perturbing!

The only safe thing to do was to seek refuge in the Mom-Hooman's office upstairs, well away from the ruckus. Thankfully, it's a nice sunny day, so at least I can enjoy the warmth!

This IS a nice spot for a cat... but I still don't like the noise!

I just hope that technician guy can make the Interwebz work again. I know the Hoomans get very frustrated and angry whenever it goes out... which has been quite often, lately.

It seems like in this modern day and age, all this technology we have should be able to provide with something as fundamental as reliable Internet connections.

But maybe that's asking too much?

Ugh! Here comes that technician again. I hope he doesn't have to come in here!

I just hope the Dad-Hooman puts everything back where it belongs, once the technician is done with his work! I like my cat condo where it normally is, by the window to the back yard, where I can see the birds, bunnies and other creatures go by!

Yes, I am a pampered housecat!

Well, I guess I will now resume my somewhat uneasy nap and pray for a more peaceful evening!

Thanks for visiting... and see you next time on Caturday!



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I hope it goes away soon and doesn't upset your bladder. Calming treats?


It's the Catlady from the other side of the world.!!


Purrs and Hedbonks to You. We love Cat Peoples... =^,,^=

Oh! I don’t like noises or strangers in the house either. Hope peace and calm had returned!

M.O.L. (meow out loud)

My Huems are in that same grumpy mood lately. It seems the horrible ATT they have. Barely 6mbs can hardly handle the 22+ devices connected to it...


The huems (pet humans) went all Star Trek over the laggy intrawebs a few months ago. They put some money down on something called Starlink. And now my pets are impatiently waiting for the new improved world wide webs.

Hungry KrazzyKitz™ 8-2020.jpg

I just wish my slave and worshipper would put some kibble in this bowl as we sit in front of this delivery sites gate. 6am over on this side of the Kit-o-Sphere.