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We're working hard to make our 3D-studio popular in our city.


We try to make something both useful and practical and nice and decorative.

Most customers order to make some new things that can change broken ones.
And it's clear, people wanna save some money and repair their home and car details instead of buying new ones.

Sometimes we get other kind of orders - people try to make a special present and surprise and see 3D-printing as a nice way to get something unique.

In our local social web we've about 3300 subscribers, and it's not bad.

course, most of them are not active, and it's just a number, the number of real customers is much much less, but still it's our main way of earning money now, and we try to develop our family bussiness.

Now some photos of our last works🎇

wheel details

home blender detail

it was a huge order - more than 50 pieces of a detail that is used somewhere at the factory for sorting apples

just a miniature for games or collections

sometimes my son tries to colour them

and sometimes it's not bad

though of course it's a definite kind of art, and we need much time to get these skills

and one more challenge is to find GOOD pains, because those that we have bought are not good at all....😐

a paper holder

a detail for a baby stroller

a detail for a hearing aid

and one more problem:

these things are very popular in our group but....to make it we need 200g of material and more than 10 hours of printing (Stitch), and noone wants to pay for it about 27$....
many people want it, ask, and didn't order....too expensive.

And it's one of the main problems for us now.
People don't understand how much work is hidden behind each of these things, they just need to get nice things fast and cheap.
But it's impossible.
We try to save prices on necessary level, because it's out time, our work and our profit. Time and efforts cost money.


Congratulations! Really good work!
I am fully aware of the work behind every object that is produced with a 3D printer (graphic study, graphic transformation, resizing, in short, a real job!); if you then do jobs like Catwoman, there we are not talking about a 3D printer, we are talking about modelers!!!
Well done keep up the good work!

Catwoman was a ready made model, so we didn't do it from zero, but all technical items are made by us totally

People who are aware how it all works really can evulate the amount of work and price for it💚

Oh wow. Real nice

thank you!✨

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