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I guess by now that you know most of the contents I make are video contents and that’s because it’s easier for me to express myself and also the only way I can show my passion for music i.e. playing the guitar.


When I started video content creation, I just pick my phone, make a record and that’s it. It got to a point I became tired of just making a random video and placing it on my blog. I got more interested in having more sound quality and good video edits.

For my sound quality, most especially my guitar videos, I make use of my Behringer sound card and Fl Studio 20. It was the first step I took in increasing the quality of my video sound.

That was the major investment I took towards my content production and now, I have plans on going pro in editing my videos. Infact, I have made my move and am already improving in each new video I edit.


The hunger to begin editing my videos started about 5 days ago. I texted my close friend @k-banti and told him: I wish I can go PRO in video editing and he said Yes I can. I was like how, then he told me to get FILMORA on my system.

The problem with getting filmora on my system is my location. I am not close to a computer workshop to work in and ask for the software. Yeah, I know the Internet is there but I still fear downloading a virus if I try getting the cracked file installed from the web.

So instead I chose to use my phone for video editing. Kbanti told me his favorite mobile editing tool is Power Director and I thought, why not check it out.


So above is the power director app, it has some cool features but you don’t have access to them until you subscribe for premium. For this, you would be given a 7 days free to try out the full features of the app before you would be asked to pay for premium.


Above are the different subscriptions prices to become a premium user.

For a Monthly Premium Subscription, the price is #2400 which is about $4.4 dollars.

3 Months Subscription, the price is #3600 which is about $6.5 dollars

While a yearly subscription is for #12,700 which is about #23.


One of the features I love about this app is the intro design and the animation text design. They are unique and more preferable to that of Kinemaster Application

Talking about Kinemaster Application, one can have access to almost all premium features without payment. The only thing is that your video would be watermarked.


An image of Kinemaster editing application

Coming back to discuss about intros and outros of Power Director Mobile App, there are different types of designs you can find as you can see in the images below.



Asides from the video templates that can either be used as an intro or outro, one can replace it with text animations. You can see some examples below 👇


When editing @chosenfingers video, I used the text animation feature of PowerDirector shown below 👇



I used the same text animation feature for the Hive meet up video I posted some days ago. You can watch it here.

Aside text animation, video template features, we also have different types of transitions for changing clips.

One of the features I love best about this app is the ability to add music at the background of my video. Although, I know this feature is common among other video editing applications like Inshot and VivaVideo but power director has background music well grouped according to their genre of music all the way from country, jazz, hip pop and so on.



Different genre of music in the app

The only down side is that these music would only be available if you are a premium user of the app.

Also, if you are worried about noise in your video, this app has a nice denoise feature. It helps reduces the noise in your video.

Moreover you can increase your video volume to times two it’s actually volume. I love this feature because of situations where my phone recording might end up being low.


If you plan making Video logs, You should try using this app. It is a very good work tool and if you have problem understanding how to use it, there are links to watch tutorial videos on the app on how to use certain features.


As you can see in the image above, there are different videos available to be teach you how to use the amazing features in the app.


a great app review, filmora is a good software, but there are a lot more cooler and easier to use mobile applications.

For me I use VN, it is the best for now that I know out there and all its premium features are free to use.
But I ve paused a bit on that and now use Kine Master.
But you should definitely give VN a try, it is my goto for fast editing.

Nice post

What’s the full meaning of VN

It's just VN and it's an awesome free app

I m glad you no about it too

Vlog Now..
but the app goes by the name VN

I love PowerDirector because of the different animations and noise cancellation available but I don't use them anymore since they began putting their watermark on the free version.

Smiles... I understand. To eliminate the watermark, I am going to be a premium user.

Wow.. this content is illuminating. Now I know which way to go. Thanks for this.

No talk say we no show you way next time oh

Nice one.. I use Inshot. Looks easy for me and faster.

Thanks for sharing

Inshot is a very good one but yet still has some features that miss in it.

Well, I guess if you can go for the yearly subscription to become a premium user, it would pay since it isn't that too much expensive.
One thing I saw in this is your zeal to become a pro in video creator which I believe when one is set to do something, he or she would definitely Achieve it.

Smiles.. exactly. When one wants to know or be something, that zeal itself is important

Wow, this is the first time I'm hearing of the power director. I mostly make use of Inshot because it's a lot faster and straight to the point for me.
I used to use kinemaster too, but the watermark thing made it a no no eventually.
Every day we're open to learning new things and I'm glad you took that bold step.
Thanks for sharing

Inshot is actually the most popular here in Nigeria but yet there are many other unpopular apps that offers cooler features.

Sure, it's the truth.
I'll check out the video you did for chosenfingers. Then maybe I'll be hyped to check out the app, lol
Good morning bro

Thanks for sharing, this will make it a lot easier

You are welcome.

Good video app. I'll make more research on filmora to get to understand it better. Great post.

Thanks for sharing

You are welcome...

I'm glad you found Power Director App very useful too. You can actually get the MOD, more like the premium version for free on the internet