Could this device spell the end for fridges & dehydrators? Pyramid technology investigated ▲

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I realise everyone enjoys a cold drink from time to time but the primary function of a fridge is to keep our food from going bad, so what if I told you this job could be achieved way more effectively with a bunch of baby pyramids?

Les Brown tells us in his book The Pyramid how 80% of the energy collected inside the pyramid shape is released at the apex, so if one creates a bunch of them and places on top a metal tray which makes contact with all the tiny pyramids, the tray will 'energise' anything placed on it.


Food storage

Brown tells us how energised water is good for both humans and plants alike but he goes even further by claiming that food will simply not decompose while on an energiser. Rather it just slowly dehydrates. He first began to understand this when he noticed how his compost heap stopped working after he built a large wooden pyramid next to it.

Later he went on to build his first energiser, a matrix of 20 tiny pyramids and tried it out with an egg, cracking one open onto a plate on the energiser. He observed how the flies stayed away from the egg and over a matter of days it became solid. He stored it away for six months at room temperature before re-hydrating it with water. Upon cooking he found the yolk to be runny and the taste even better than normal.

Yet when we ask google we get this: "Eggs can be stored for 30–45 Days when refrigerated, and 7–10 Days at room temperature".

He also tried other kinds of food on his energiser and always found the same effect.

I have tried preserving every food I can think of, and it all keeps indefinitely, with no refrigeration necessary.

--- Les Brown

Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 22.13.05.png

In other words, if your 'fridge' were simply a collection of shelves containing baby pyramids it would preserve all kinds of food indefinitely.

To me this seems like a HUGE advantage for those of us who seek the off-grid lifestyle and therefore worthy of further investigation.

How to make an energiser

At first I tried using Les Brown's given template for this job, tracing it onto a piece of paper from my computer screen.


Had to change his design a bit as there was too much overlapping card where the sides folded inward.


Even the flaps themselves I started to feel like were unnecessary. Especially when one has a glue gun.


But I made one regardless, sticking the flaps down with prit-stick while the cat tried to pull the flower out of the glass.


It wasn't too bad in the end but there was a little hole at the top I didn't have a good feeling about it.


You can go this route if you like but I found another template after this which felt better.

Less drawing, less cutting basically.



All you need to do is mark out the eight points where the straight lines meet, using the tracing/computer screen method.


Once you have these points firmly marked into a piece of card or thick paper you can draw through the holes onto your card below to create marker points for the lines.


Then remove your template and carefully connect the dots.


Spend some time on it and you will end up with a piece of card which looks like this.


Cut 'em all out, stick 'em all together. I used a stanley knife to lightly score the lines on all folding edges.


The glue gun is perfect for attaching everything together but you have to work fast.


I cannot say for sure until I have run tests but I imagine even a small energiser like this will have the desired effect.


Just make sure all you little pyramids have one side facing north. If you omit this detail the effect won't work.

Put metal plate on top and you're good to go.


Despite Brown's suggestion that 20 pyramids is a good number for a standard sized energiser, I decided on 25 in the end as you can't make a square with 20! No idea why he wanted a rectangle over a square when the base of a pyramid is square?


Almost finished now with my desired square and I started to play with the idea of attaching copper wire to all of them. Like this one.


If I did this with all of them it would create a really clear connection between the top plate and the bottom plate (where the remaining 20% of the pyramid energy is released).

It took ages however and I didn't feel like doing that! So, I continued on with the square until it was done. Finally the metal was placed on top along with some water.


Needless to say the water tasted great after one day sitting there but that doesn't give me anything measurable to show you. My intention is therefore to now try dehydrating various types of food on this device and report the results in a post.

Current pyramid related experiments

In the meantime I have been using the energiser under the beds of my sleeping children, just to see if there was any noticeable effect.


And you know what? There was! Esteban had been feeling sick when he went to bed the previous day, also complaining of tiredness. It was for this reason I put the energiser under his bed (making sure it was aligned with north/south). In the morning he jumped out of bed and got himself changed before 7am. This NEVER happens! He normally has to be gently coaxed out of bed at 8am and likes us to do his clothes with him.

Here he is full of beans, just after joining me in the kitchen where I was busy making pyramids.


He said he woke up early so he could help me. And so it was.


I was incredibly impressed by his attention to detail and his finished pyramids were indistinguishable from mine.

I told him my thoughts and he was pleased.


He suggested in this moment the idea of using my small copper frame pyramid inside the larger copper pyramid. And I liked it!

In the end we figured out this design which charges a single glass of water.


Something tells me it charges faster than it would if there were no inverted pyramid above it. And being able to make a direct connection with the water seems useful.


Esteban's design also includes the option to add a second pyramid into the remaining space at the top, opening it up to offer a SUPER CHARGE area for seeds.


I am still running my experiment with cut flowers to determine the difference between the effectiveness of a wooden & copper pyramid at energising water to keep cut flowers alive. Alongside a control group.


I will report the results when the experiment is done.

Am also now running a second experiment in which these three marigolds (and a few other things) are being charged on the energiser, with copper pyramid over the top for good measure.


The control group are sitting on the kitchen table, no where near any pyramids.


My first wooden pyramid

Building the wooden pyramid was much more of a challenge than I imagined it would be.


And I realise now it would have been better to use nails over screws, which sometimes started to split the wood.


I became a little frustrated towards the end of the day, trying to maintain those perfect angles and lengths (tiredness will do that), resorting in the end to my trusty glue gun again.


This by the way is not at all Les Brown's recommended method for the construction of wooden pyramids. I just felt like winging it for the first one.


Since then it has mostly been used as a home for cats. Here is Luna preparing the walkway to the health spa ;)


The youngest of our cats seems very interested.


Am impressed to see how she has maintained my recommended alignment.


One happy cat.


One happy little girl.


Job done!

So that's it for now I think.

As I write these words the snow has just started to fall outside and feeling a little cold I gave myself a quick blast on my tin can/cake tin ethanol heater ;)


Am excited to wake the children and show them the snow...

Love & Light everyone ❄️


Fantastic work Sam! I feel you are making great progress in your research of Electroculture. There must surely have been a reason that the pyramids were built all over the world.

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project which will be highlighted in the next post! Comment Footer.jpg

Being that pyramid energy is relative to size one can only imagine the power of those huge ones you mention all over the world. When they were all working things must have been very different on Earth. Free energy, instant healing, communication, DNA upgrades... who knows?

Thanks for the OurPick pick! It is of course my goal to get as many people here on hive making pyramids and experimenting! If we worked as one we would be a formidable research group.

Extremely interesting, I'll be researching this for sure and perhaps even build my own pyramids

So far I am not seeing anything significant with the cut flower experiment. Though I realise now this is not really a good test as flowers don't all die at the same rate. It depends more on when the flower opened from its bud. And I am not able to know this bit of information, unless I hang around in garden all day! So yes, the food test is next. Will do an update when I have results. Am also wondering if I can see evidence of this working in frozen water? Perhaps I will put the energiser in the freezer with a glass of water and see what happens...

Good luck with your own experimenting!

Ah yes, and I forgot to mention over in my other comment that electrocultre is very popular amongst cannabis growers. Because it works! If you missed my first post on this subject (which covers all the basics) I recommend you check it out here

Look forward to the updates!

Im on the same journey Here! cant wait for the starting my pyramids now..

Excellent to make your acquaintance.

Welcome to Hive!

And great to learn you are also on this most exciting journey.

Do please document your results on this blockchain. We are a consciously evolving international research team and we must work together!

Have followed you buy I may not catch your posts so please feel free to drop me your links here under my latest posts.

Have fun...

I love where the journey takes you. how exciting. (loved how the cat adopted the pyramid)
happened to watch this just yesterday. blew my mind !

keep enjoying.

It certainly is a journey isn't it.

So much more to learn... ALWAYS!

This lecture looks super interesting. Will see if I can fit it into my schedule today. And also your other comments I am aware of. Have been looking at some of those links you sent me and WOW! Am not surprised you are feeling overwhelmed. Rather a lot to take in there. But I do like the way they have been able to condense lots of information into smaller chunks. Will do my best to download most of the documents found there to keep them off-line for later use. Most grateful for that!

The snow continued to fall last night and our banana trees are looking very sad this morning. How's the weather in Portugal?

Here we finally get a break from the rain that allows me to go on pruning the olive trees. we do get the occasional cold night now due to it and the frosty mornings. the Serra de Estrela was all covered with a white mantle Wednesday morning. stunning.

Fun experiment.

Never heard of this theory. Scientists might postulate other reasons why it works or doesn't work. I sort of wonder if the additional paper surface area is what causes better dehydration.

I would like to try this method for drying seeds out. If it boosts germination/fertility of seeds too, that would be amazing!

I sort of wonder if the additional paper surface area is what causes better dehydration

Great observation. Hadn't considered that. Though it is separated from the food by the metal tray of course. Once I have enough of these pyramids I will create different energisers in different colours. And these colours will be created with acrylic paint which when dry is very similar to plastic and does not permit moisture to pass through. So this will make a better test which eliminates the possibility of that happening.

I would like to try this method for drying seeds out. If it boosts germination/fertility of seeds too, that would be amazing!

Brown speaks a lot about this in his book, claiming it does indeed boost seeds. A few days on the energiser before planting he recommends. But also observed how the baby plants grew better when they stayed on the energiser.

Don't forget, they found grain seeds in the Great Pyramid which grew when planted, despite being an impossible age. So I would say it works good on seeds.

Hope to see some results from you at some point! Please feel free to drop me your links under my latest posts if you discover something juicy :)

Great post! love it!

Thanks! Am pleased you enjoyed :)

Interesting! I look forward to seeing how the preservation/dehydration experiments go.

You and me both. We are currently working out the details of the experiment.

It is much harder than people might imagine to leave out plates of food everywhere when you have two children, three cats and a small house! haha. We'll figure it out...

Perhaps you can put a hook at the top of a pyramid and hang it from the ceiling, too high for children or cats to reach.

I don't believe the paper-pyramid-stuff having any effect. But the rockstar cat is amazing ^^

It is good to be sceptical of everything to a certain degree. I must admit I've had a few moments myself where I really had to question if this isn't some kind of massive scam to throw us off the scent of something more important.

All I know currently is that some guy wrote a book in the 70s and made a bunch of claims (which sold him a bunch of books). Now I'm going to find out if those claims are for real...

As long as you have fun experimenting no time is wasted :)

You can be sure of that!