Creating A Quartz Crystal Mold

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In Japan there is word, "Zaka" which roughly translates to interior goods. We've wanted to expand our business beyond gems and minerals so we have been experimenting with zaka.

Yesterday a silicone putty that I ordered for about $18 came in the mail. It is a two part silicone putty that allows you to mix them together, place the putty over your subject and create a flexible, silicone mold.

We have a lot of unique looking minerals, but some of them are fragile so I decided to start with a rare, but durable, artichoke quartz specimen from Japan. I just acquired this from a prolific Japanese collector so I thought it would be an attractive piece to start with.

The process is quite simple. You mix equal parts of the putty with your hands for approximately 1 minute. Then you apply the putty to your subject. For crystals the package suggested coasting your specimen in vaseline. I instead used our food grade mineral oil instead.

I applied the putty to the specimen and had to wait 5 minutes according to the instructions.

After 5 minutes it turns into flexible silicone. Then I slowly and carefully began to peel back the mold so as to not damage the crystals or the mold.

The mold looked good and so I had to think of what to fill it with. For zaka goods I want to make candles and soap with these. So I grabbed some Ikea candles we had lying around and began to fill the mold.

After a few minutes of melting the wax the mold was full. I put it in the refrigerator for about another 5 minutes. Then I took it out and began the removal process again.

It came out fairly easy and then came the moment of truth, had the mold worked?


It turned out incredibly well for my first attempt. Now for the finished product I have to add a wick to the center and fir out the back & bottom of so the candle will stand flat. I may make a second mold for the bottom and backside, but I'm not sure yet.

This was so easy to do I am already looking around my collection to see what other minerals to mold. Pink halite is one, but it is fragile and I know the specimen would be destroyed.

However, on a small one it might be worth it. What do you think?

That's it for now. I hope to update this later this month with a finished product and more designs!

Thanks for reading!


This is great one dear. It really love amazing


How interesting! I'm sharing this with my mineral collecting, soap and candle making daughter!

I have a feeling it's not going to be this easy for others or to get a good final product.

Great, she can get the molding putty on Amazon.

She buys silicon molds to make soap and candles....making your own molds looks difficult!

Lovely! I plan to make my own molds for some of my things as well! Glad it turned out so well on your first try!

Cool. Let me know when you do. I'd like to see your results.

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