Laying of block for a fence {🦺Life of an engineer 🪖🥾}

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Hi hivers,


Good day hivers, I illustrated some steps in laying of block for a fence with a little bit of high water level of the soil and I also believe am impacting knowledge to anyone planning to have his or her own building. This is the method am applying as an engineer on site but we have different methods we can use to achieve this,
It all depends if the owner is financially capable, but in some cases where as he/she is not financially capable, we improvise and we deliver the best work for the client.

Today we started the laying of block work on the blinds. So we have different instrument to use.
I will be starting with:

  1. Line : This is used to get the straightness of a block work. It is used in a distance between, a block will be placed at edge while the other will be placed on the other egde then a line will be tired on the two distance placed block and a plumb will be used to get the perfect plumb line. Then the other blocks will be placed in the middle of the block to cover the space between the two block. Then you have a perfect straight block work


  1. Hand Trowel: This is used to lay a mortal for bed for block and also to shock a block, it is used for plastering, it can be use to cut a block etc


  1. plumb: This has a water level which gives a straight line to a block you want to lay when you used a plumb


Mixing of Sand with cement for palstering: This is the process of mixing sand, cement and water so as to get our mortal which will be use for laying of blocks.


Arrangements of blocks on the side of the foundation for easy usage.


Bed for mortal.: This is layed and served as binder between the blinding and the block, which it can also serve as binder between block's.


Setting out of block with line: This is done with using line and plumb to set the block, it will give it a perfect straight line. The block will be uniform on same line.


Process of taking mortal with hand trowel to be able to lay a bed for block or to be able to shock the side of each block so that it will bind very well together.


Laying of bed continue on the next couch of the block to be layed.













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