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As a student studying engineering in the tertiary institutions, most things which are needed to be known are not really been taught in school and what i meant is that comparing to engineering field outside the country which are mostly based on practical and field work but here mostly it is theory and this has affected a lot of student engineer who cant even repair a little socket but only knew the theory and working principle of it and finding it difficult to hold instruments to repair due to lack of practical and field work.



I am currently studying engineering in the tertiary institution and now i can just say that the journey to become an engineer has started after 3 years in the line of study because since i join the institution we have always been dealing with theory mostly and for me i always want to do a real practical so i will be able know how those things do operate so in the penultimate year of the study in the school as engineering student we will be allowed to go for an industrial training where we would be exposed to how things are done in the practical aspect.


So within the speculated time which we are going to use for the industrial training i started mine today even though most have started month ago so today was when the real work started and it started with the repair of the brake valve of a motor truck, at first i thought it was going to be a easy thing seeing the bolt and srew which is just attached to the brake valve, but it was more than that because to see the exact seal which is going to work with the brake valve is the stress of it, as a student engineer who have been doing the theory aspect for years, i can say bodly that i have not seen those things before but i was opportuned to see them today which more will be showned to us.


We used over 4 hours on that little thing and that was when i knew there is more to practical work. See you guys for another post in the engineering line.


I am also pursuing additional education and certification in the engineering field. My specialty will be health physics. I'm also trying for my Project Management certification. Best of luck in all your studies, friend.

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