Hive Punks Market Improvements

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I just updated Hive Punks to add a few helpful features.

  • Removed Infinite Scrolling
  • Added Pagination for Gallery & Market
  • Added All Punks button for Gallery & Market for previous behavior
  • Added My Punks button on market to find only your punks
  • Added Punk Counter on Gallery
  • Added Punk Counter on Market

Removing Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is pretty cool, it allows you to initially show a small number of items (10, 20, 50, 100) and then as people scroll down the page, it loads more items. I had this functionality for the Gallery, but I left the market loading all at once.

While all data has to be loaded to properly sort by rarity and price, the images don't have to be, so the only real benefit is reduce the initial loading of images. Each image is only about 2.5KB so they are not very demanding.

This feature didn't work for a very small percentage of people. It wasn't the final solution was just a temporary solution until some other updates were made.

Add Pagination for Gallery & Market

For most users, this isn't a big issue, as you may not have over 50 Punks. If you do however, you will now see your gallery loads 100 at a time and you can use the pagination controls to move through them.


The Punk market is pretty large with around 22% of the total Punks currently on the market.

I have always planned on having pagination on this page, and now we do. You will be able to flip through the market 100 Punks at a time.

Once filters are enabled, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for on the market.

Added All Punks button for Gallery & Market for previous behavior

Some people may prefer to load all Punks in their Gallery or Market at once, this button allows for that behavior. The market may take a few seconds to load, so only hit it once.

This button isn't for potato computers, only use it if you have a decent amount of ram and bandwidth to support it. It is however the same behavior the market had previously.

Added My Punks button on market to find only your punks

This feature I think everyone will be excited about. Want to find your Punks on the market quickly so you can cancel them and save them forever or update the price? This button will quickly load just your Punks on the market.


This feature is a huge time saver and I sorry it took so long to get around to it.

With this, you will also notice the total Punks you have listed on the market show up.


If you click on All Punks (and wait 2-4 seconds) you will be brought back to all Punks (albeit on one page). If you want paginated results, just hit F5.

Punk Counters

Finally I added a Punk counter to the Gallery and Market pages, this way you can quickly see how many Punks you have and how many are on the market. You can also click "My Punks" while on the market page and it will reflect how many Punks you have on the market. Small change but I think people will appreciate this.


What's next?

I still have lots of items I want to add to the Hive Punks site, but the two biggest features are Auctions & Filtering. There are a lot of other things I am thinking about and will let you guys know when they are live.

Want to share your ideas or talk about Punks? Join Blockhead Games Discord to get involved.

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Really cool project, have some suggestions:

  1. Make the site accessible for non-Hive users (not logged in to keychain) so that also other crypto users (possibly from other blockchains) can view the punks, collections and market history

  2. Provide a separate page for every Punk including its stats and blockchain history (sells, transfers, etc.)

  3. Provide the market history in its entirety, not only the last 24 hours

  4. Open-source the front-end to make the Punks more decentralized

  5. Allow non-Hive users to buy punks, possibly with other cryptos as well

 last year (edited)
  1. You can already, but need to know username to view their gallery. The market is also open regardless of logged in
  2. There is a separate page but it doesn't have history yet
  3. Being worked on, the 24 hours is a limitation of Hive Engine as that is all they store, so I need to make my own
  4. Not likely to happen, it can't really be more decentralized, I do not own any of the Punks and I have zero control, they are in everyone's wallet. At least as decentralized as you can be on Hive Engine.
  5. Not likely to happen, I don't own the Punks. So I cannot control what they are sold for. This is a way to "make it happen" by acting as custodian but would be really tricky and I doubt many would end up using it.

@vikisecrets has a point on his point 1, when I tried introducing punks to a friend he initially didn't know how to use it, so I wrote a tutorial

People that are not used to using Hive Keychain and Hive Engine don't understand well how to buy a punk. They don't intuitively get that they need to install the browser extension, log in, and have SWAP.HIVE (instead of HIVE)

But about the open-source thing, I think it would be useful because people would learn how to use Hive Engine. I tried copying your website to add the functionality I wanted but my version sucks because I am not yet good with working with Hive Engine (and I suck ad making design).

I congratulate you on the Punks on Hive because they are truly as decentralized as it can get, but having it open source would allow people to copy and make it better, of course, others could build from scratch, but having a starting point is helpful.

 last year 

People that are not used to using Hive Keychain and Hive Engine don't understand well how to buy a punk. They don't intuitively get that they need to install the browser extension, log in, and have SWAP.HIVE (instead of HIVE)

100% agree, Hive is complex and difficult to understand initially. As such, there was no way I could possibly solve this on the landing page. So like most chains (that have similar learning curves), I chose not to.

Hive is complex, as are most blockchains, and as such having open source stuff is important. Maybe you could not solve, but maybe someone else could if it was open.

These are small changes but huge and helpful in time saving. It’s little features like this that matters and make them more user friendly.

Dang I wish I got to learn more about you and see some of your post prior to hivefest. I'm barely 2 months into hive and it has been one insane deep dive after another. I did buy 3 hivepunks, but unfortunately sold them all too early just to build up my hive base. I probably would have aped in a little more had I known more about your personality. It is amazing to keep seeing you innovate and add more towards this project as many other nft's nowadays seem to be a build and abandon strategy.

Markets open.


Great one!
Filtering by attribute would be great!

good idea and auctions / bidding

Solid updates. Looking forward to seeing more.

Will there be utility to holding punks long term? If we hold punks will we get some coll things for your other upcoming nfts or is there a game?

 last year 

Nothing official right now.

Punk battles would be hilarious. Depending on their attributes is what their stats are.

Great changes, Do you even sleep 😂? Btw there is any information about any punk usablity in future?

 last year 

Nothing official right now.


PS: I’d truly love to buy a punk, but, ALAS, none (NOTHING) works on my iPad? Please allow me to make it mobile friendly. Pretty please?

 last year 

You would need to download Hive Keychain for Mobile from the Apple store. Then you will be able to use the site.

Okay! I’ll try that. However...however aren’t we losing potential here?

I really appreciate it, makes navigating much more easier. Thank you Marky!

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It gets better and better. Fantastic job.

makes it a lot more user friendly

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Wao the changes are really okay.

This is really awesome

You punk wizard! !PIZZA


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sucky stolen idea copy paste. makes only HIVE look bad

 last year 


 last year 

You know nothing, just like you know diddly squat about crypto and your pretense of a YouTube channel.

All you ever did or know how to do was receiving autovotes.


I appreciate the My Punks option on the market place page, makes it real easy to find the ones I own.

I'm new to Hive and Hive Punks but I just joined the discord to check out all the details.

Just update hive untuk lebih baik