The first Web 3.0 Meetup was a great success : I WAS REPRESENTING HIVE

in Loving HIVE ❤last year

Everyone is curious about Web3 and want to onboard

Web3 Meet up.jpg

This was the first meet up on Web3 at my place and I wanted to spread the words about our HIVE Community, so I did prepare for it and thanks @finguru for jumping in to help me out to put up a presentation. Though I went to my native for some urgent work there, I did postpone them and came back for this.


The crowd was pretty young, very enthusiastic about Web3. I was in continuous discussion with the organizers and they did try to book an auditorium in a university, but then it got cancelled at the last moment. So we went for this small facility inside the Esplanade Mall.


There was an agenda for this meeting (refer my last post), and the primary goal was to build a space/Ecosystem for

  • Learning
  • Building Products
  • Networking
  • Finding Opportunities and support.
  • Matchmaking Team Members

The Panel of Speakers included these :


Unfortunately, we did not have a projector to show them presentation, and each of us had to speak spontaneously in front of the crowd, but each speaker delivered their best. And the crowd was very curious to know about Web3, Blockchain, NFTs - how can they get started on these. They were not very much interested in the monetary aspect of crypto, but rather they were interested to explore the technology and the community space and get involved. So that was a very positive sign from people believing on these evolving spaces, and not looking for a 9-5 job or some quick money. And everyone realizes the importance of community in this evolving space and how a community can help one to build their portfolio from ground up.


Punit did share about his vision on Web3 and blockchain and about their product that is being built to help people on crypto tax - using which you can calculate your crypto taxes faster than your grocery delivery. That sounds amazing ? With the recent regulation of crypto taxes in India, I am sure, this is going to be a massive hit. And he did also share how he was directly involved in managing the $1 billion crypto donated by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin for Covid-19 aid relief.


Prayag did give insight into the emerging Defi space, pros and cons of it and how people can build on the defi space. He did touch base on Decentralized Exchanges and how they enable trading without the need for any KYC or intermediary.




Lingraj Mahanand did share his journey on the blockchain space and how he quit is IT job and is busy building the future of finance by tokenizing the real world assets to NFTs that can be used as collateral to borrow working capital across the world. It's like they are creating a marketplace for connecting lenders, borrowers, crypto investors and financial intermediaries under one umbrella. You can see more about his start up here : . And he is actively seeking some young minds to work on his start-up.


Satyam Bhuyan did share his journey on the NFT space and photography and what he went through in this journey - the challenges, the potential of this space and how one need to prepare himself for the right promotion. It was interesting to hear about how his collectors look forward for his upcoming work - it's like his work is already committed to be sold before being published. Ya, that is the curiosity he creates in his work. And he did focus on the importance of networking and community - how working in a community can help someone reach his goals faster. He invited the audience to collaborate for more such events and work in a closed community to taste success faster.


Subham Parida did share his journey on the NFT space and shared some clues on how one can become a NFT artist quickly.



Pratyush Mahapatra did share his expertise on building apps on Web3 and Blockchain, and how easy it is for an Web2 developer to jump into the Web3 Arena. Its like the Web2 developers know more than half of the things and can quickly jump and build on top of blockchain and Web3 space, with a little guidance. He did demonstrate his skills there, encouraging others to explore the opportunities.



And then lastly me. I actually spoke at the very beginning, which provided me ample time to explain about HIVE AND how we have something for everyone on HIVE. Without investing anything, how they can onboard and start on Web3 and Blockchain. The presentation that was prepared by @finguru was distributed to people over the group and I explained how HIVE has built-in social media elements and provides niche dapps for different user's needs. And also I shared about HBD, how an investor can earn 20% interest by just staking it and take anytime in 3 days, if they wish.

Hive one.jpg

Overall, I can say, this Meetup was a great success, connecting founders , builders/developers , students/Web 3 enthusiast , Designers , Community Managers , NFT Artists and Investors. Here is a thread on Twitter on this :

Initially we planned for some nice refreshment, but unfortunately, as the venue changed, we could not arrange what we planned and had to adjust with some biscuits and tea/coffee. I along with Lingraj planned to sponsor for much better refreshment, hope we will have it next time. You definitely deserve much better.


And sorry about posting this a little late. 50% of this post reward goes to @finguru. He did a nice job of putting up the presentation and it helped a lot without a projector.



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This is an incredible work for both the web3.0 and hive, I'm sorry it took me so long to actually read it as I had a couple hell days lately, but thanks to the creator for finally be able to reach hive and read this wonderful post, because it is in events like this one were we as a community can help others to both join and consolidate on the new wave of tech and economy this is :)

Great work @sanjeevm. Thanks a lot for doing this. We need more people like you to promote hive on different platforms.

Hopefully, we will get to meet someday at some web3 event like this one. Spreading the Hive word together. That would be amazing.

And I am so glad that the presentation I made on Hive helped you in some way. Please let me know if you have any feedback to make it better. We can share it with other people who want to do their own presentation on Hive.

Hopefully, we will have a hive fest in India some day, where we will definitely meet, if not some events like this. Coming to Pune for more than a week, where are you located ?

Hive Meetup in India is definitely happening in the future! I am located in Delhi/NCR area. Pune is a bit far from where I live but no problem sir. Will meet one day for sure. If you ever come to Delhi, please let me know!

Most likely next year, we will come to visit Delhi with family, after my son's 10th exam is over.

Awesome. Let's make a plan to meet if possible.

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I hope some of those people look into Hive. It is interesting that you say people are not so interested in the money as I thought that was a primary interest with crypto. That said, Hive has lots of cool apps including games and it's not too hard to develop new ones. For me those and the social side matter as much as what I can make from it.


Yes, that should be the attitude, jump in and enjoy the social ride and then the any monetary benefit that comes along.

Fanstastic job guys @sanjeevm and @finguru! You represented our little crypto world in a great fashion, thank you for that! :) But in fact, this whole meetup must have been very interesting and inspiring, not just the Hive part (but that was the best one of course haha). Really glad to know that people in India are so interested in crypto, blockchain, Web 3.0 and new technologies in general. Way to go!

@tipu curate

Thanks a lot mate. Cheers! I will be sharing that presentation on Documenting Hive's Twitter account.

YES! 😊🤙 looks like it was a great success and what a room full of smart looking people! so cool!

Something tells me that after your speech, everyone attended you there and didn't have a profile on Hive, but now they do! Haha!

nice work dear... Web3 is the NextGen solution for everything. And here on HIVE we can already see how its changing the world. cheers

It must definetely be a great time. I am still expecting to have my first hive meetup though

This is great to see!

Thank you so much.

That's wonderful Sanjeev! Thanks for representing hive!

This is awesome and what a way to showcase hive and it impact. Thanks for your concern and representation about Hive.

It is an excellent friend that you expand #Hive to new users and not only that, but also the advantages that we will have with the installation of Web 3.0 are made known

good detail that friend that those present are not so focused on the material or monetary but rather seek to learn much more about this new technology that is coming also reading I see that they focused on very important issues such as taxes.

That is why Hive and other platforms came to make people develop themselves every time by publishing, interacting and discovering new topics that develop individuals and make them independent not restricted to work.

It is very good to find people who are aware of the importance and necessity of knowledge rather than focusing exclusively on criticism, because this makes one succeed and develop himself in every field.

It's so awesome. You representing Hive and promoting the benefits and the opportunities it brings !

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Wooha! It sounds like a wonderful evening full of knowledge spreading out to others. I also wanna know about NFTs. The problem is these technology things do not make sense to me easily and when such things are described more technically, I just get lost 😕.

Biscuits and coffee is not a bad refreshment either. Hehe. At least there was something to refresh.

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That's great. A pure example of mass adoption imo. Congratulations!
This post should be on the trending page...

Wow. A round of applause to you for representing Hive well. And I say thank you @finguru for the help to make things smoother. How I wish I could join the meeting online. With big men in tHe web3 world..🙌🙌


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this is great and thanks a ton for bringing more attention to hive.,

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