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For many individuals, finding the best location to be has always been a challenge. It took time for me to make the blockchain my home, just as it did for others. Over the years, I've travelled around different social media sites, looking for a home for what I love to do the most. I am not the only one who has been trapped in this predicament. There are many more who struggle to make the most of the internet.


As I sit here at the internet café, I see that many young men come here every day to check the internet. Their acts and activities continue to remind me of when I was exactly like them. My participation on the blockchain has done me a lot of good and given me a lot to be proud of. Spending all day on other social platforms, in my opinion, is a waste of time and energy. Sharing the rationale for being on the blockchain with these folks has always been a priority.

Some of these young guys would not believe that they spend all of their time on the internet looking for an activity or a platform that is worth their time. I believe it is past time for them to discontinue their regular online searches and browsing. To some of them, what I tell them about the blockchain seemed too wonderful to be true. Except for the few individuals that experimented with blockchain. This is a testimonial I'm sharing in order to constantly encourage people to join me on the blockchain so they don't lose their time and effort.



 at the internet cafe

Internet data has always been a relatively costly commodity in Ghana and across Africa. However, it shocks me that the majority of visitors come here to browse around Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks that provide little value for the time and data spent on them. Most young people are yet to trust in Hive as a blockchain that is dedicated to making life simpler. I feel we have a responsibility to encourage people to experiment with the hive blockchain. This will spare them the effort of traveling and waste internet bandwidth on sites that provide them with nothing to brag about. The hive blockchain is a platform that aims to transform the social media community.



Yeah true, when I tell people about hive, they feel it is too good to be true. They compare it to other platforms and think it is alike but truth is shit that know nothing. Hive is web 3.0 BLOCKCHAIN and not all those Ponzi scheme sites.

You're right sir. We just have to work more on getting others to invest in the blockchain. Thanks and merry Christmas @starstrings01