If You Have Used Hive Keychain Conversion Feature, This Post May Be For You.

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To my understanding, Keychain is to Hive what Metamask is to Ethereum and more. I smile to myself sometimes whenever I look at my PC of almost a decade old housing some very effective tools and apps.


It has become a more powerful buddy since I embraced blockchain technology. Being ever eager to explore new territories of knowledge, today I decided to use the Keychain Conversion feature, and I'm still in 'WONDERLAND' of thoughts as to why it should reply that it will take about 3.5days for my conversion of 1HBD to Hive.

After The Conversion.


Before The Conversion

Hence, if you've used this feature before now, I will like to get your input please?

What was your reaction when you got that message? Did you proceed with the transaction or back off? Did it really take such amount of time? Was there any way you monitored it on chain?

There are many of such questions begging for answers. However, I look forward to seeing an in app Swap function on the Keychain, who knows, they may even release a token for such swaps, something with a Ticker like KEYH, KEH, KEYC, KEC, KCH e.t.c. to facilitate such.



 9 months ago 

What you have done is a feature baked into the chain.


Keychain offers you a UI to make it happen. You can do the same thing on other UI like PeakD.

Thanks for the input. Any idea who is in charge of the eventual exchange

 9 months ago 

Conversion is done by the chain itself.

Ok. I will wait to see what the chain will bring forth.

You're awesome