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RE: Training girls in school for a better future is now.

in Loving HIVE ❤11 months ago

Thank you for tagging me and I apologize for not getting to my mentions until now! Great job!


Don't be concerned, sweetheart. Thank you for your massive support. I only hope that more efforts are made to assist females in school in doing so, since this would better their lives and the society as a whole.

I ran an orphanage in Kenya years ago with three other women. It was for females and the whole point was to empower women. You live in a part of the world where women were not always appreciated, but, things have gotten much better, thanks to people like yourself.

Wow.. This is pretty. I wish that could be extended here to Ghana sone day. Where we could empower and support women in the society to be appreciated enough. I look forward to seeing something of a sort this year. Thanks always dear. And God bless you for helping to change the lives of others.