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RE: A cool trick your grandmother taught you or indigenous knowledge ?

in Unity Toward Freedom7 months ago

I read your post and then stopped a while to look back and try to find something that one of my grandparents might have taught me that stuck and is part of my current knowledge.

It's funny that I couldn't come up with anything but there's a reason for that. All my grandparents depended heavily on animal exploitation for their lifestyles and at some point I begin to see animals as sensitive souls that shouldn't be used for our benefit. Also, they saw the land as a productive thing and that they needed to domesticate and give value, not as something that has value of it's own.

I've questioned all their ideas so while I also love producing food in my garden, I've had to learn about medicinal herbs, natural building, and gardening though the internet and other people. I've also unlocked many ancestral experiences through psychedelics and that's where most of my indigenous knowledge comes from, even unexpected stuff such as fermented oatmeal which I later learned my ancestors loved.

But my grandparents heavily aspired to be more like people in the cities and relied medically on doctors and pills, thought of formal education as the best choice in life and traded the riches of the land for technology.

I don't judge them, indigenous life is very romanticized, it's a lot harder than it looks on videos. Especially when you have to repeat it daily. I experience this through a very basic activity: gathering wood for the fire. Most of the time I enjoy it but other times, when the weather is rough or my body is sore, I understand why humans want automatic heat regulation in their homes and have forsaken their roots.

Not complaining though, I love living as indigenous as possible because the time for contemplation and self discovery is priceless. It's just that all this came to mind while reading your post, which I really liked by the way.

Thanks for provoking these thoughts


I'm glad it made you think. From the sound of this, you went back to your roots after seeing how your grandparents moved away from it.

I think living indigenously and staying close to your roots is difficult in the new world. Everything is evolving constantly.

Keep learning and sharing 😃. One day someone will be thankful for what you were able to teach them.