Sleep: A Process that unites the soul and body

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Sleep is an essential part of nature, I believe it was put in place to prevent the body and soul from wearing. It restores our body after a weary day and connects our soul to our supernatural being. Our body needs sleep as much as it needs food, sleep then becomes one of the processes through which the body regains its lost energy. While growing up, I had difficulty sleeping at noon. I could stay in bed all through noontime and still not fall asleep. I felt our body's physiology differs and I didn't notice anything wrong with my inability to sleep at noon until one day when I fell asleep at noon. I had joined the boarding house and observing siesta was a must-do activity then, after a few weeks, I had my first sleep at noon. I woke up that day feeling energetic and refreshed, it was as if I was a new being and ever since I've been able to sleep at whatever time.

Personally, I don't take any herbs or herbal tea to enable me to sleep. Most nuts and pills that induce one into sleeping don't work for me. Whenever I find it difficult to sleep, I allow myself to imagine several things and unconsciously I go to sleep. It works for me most times especially when sleeping becomes difficult. Imagination is one tool I use to induce myself into sleeping. One thing I've learned about sleep is that, once your body truly requires it, one can't control it from not happening, and if you need to take some pills or supplement to help you sleep, your body never needed the sleep in the first place, all one needed was a simple rest from work.

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Sleeping not only heals the body but also the soul. The soul is our inner self that helps connect to our spirituality. Sometimes we get answers to our doubts and questions when we fall asleep. It calms our wandering brain and opens it up to possibilities of who we truly are. We are able to connect with our inner true self when we sleep, this can come in the form of dreams. One thing that comes with meditation is the silencing of distraction and allowing our mind to focus , sleep does this. It allows our mind to focus on what our body or being truly needs. Science has proven that people who have good sleep work more efficiently and effectively. I believe this is because sleeping allows an individual to relax his exhausted brain to function more effectively.

Our body system is built to indicate to us what our body needs at a particular time. We know when we need to sleep because our system indicates this to us. We face the consequences of a dull system functioning and weary joints if we do otherwise. But as much as our body needs sleep, it can also make us grow weak if we oversleep. But remember, one can't have a healthy body and soul if he denies himself sleep.


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I really liked your article and the parallel you draw between soul and spirit, sleep and rest. It's true that sleeping pills are a real calamity, they make you drowsy and make you fall into a torpor, but it's a sleep without dreams... It's a bit like antidepressants rather than treating the roots of depression..!

I like the idea and feel very close to the idea that we connect to our deepest self during dreams and sleep ! I Thank you for this article full of conscious dreaming dear @dwixer 😇 🍀

Thank You always @antnn , I'm glad to know your mind agrees with my perspective on the subject.

I like when you wrote Sleep is the repairer of the body and soul. That is so true. One who sleeps soundly, operates in a better dimension of his day or activities.

Glad you agree with this and no doubt, you must have had an experience in this benefits.
Thanks dear for reading through

Truly if you take pills to enable you sleep then your what your hofy needed was just a rest not sleep. It even scares me that people can just take pills to sleep even without the doctors recommending it.

I've heard a woman say she can't sleep without taking pills and I wondered if her systems are actually functioning fine. Naturally our body should desire sleep except otherwise.

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