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Good afternoon, everyone!

Today I'll share with you a story that shows just how important is to Do Your Own Research in every decision you take. Specially the most important ones.


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When you make investments or spend your money, doing some research is particularly important.

Here we see a complaint of a reader after buying a Meme Book at Amazon:


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I cannot imagine the look on his face when he got the book and opened it for the first time, it was probably a small shock. 🤪

Yep, he was quite mad after receiving the book... and if he had investigated a little bit, we would have realised the book is supposed to be a joke. 🤣

This book was published by a Bitcoiner as a joke, since this person believes that there is no point in investing in any Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. This is a common feeling among many Bitcoiners because they believe that most coins were unfairly distributed through ICOs and other schemes and/or that these projects have leaders and teams that can shut the networks downs... consequently, they are not really decentralised.

This is a large ongoing debate with many persons on both sides of the argument.

Anyway, as you can see on the photos below, there are images of this book online which show that it is supposed to be a joke... or a Meme Book:


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Yes, this is a real book... and you can buy it. All the pages are in blank and it's a bit weird how Amazon published it without any disclaimer. Maybe Amazon should have done their research, too? Unless you look for it, you won't realize this is just a Meme Book. Without any disclaimer, I can see how this can be considered a scam. 🤔



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This is a great Christmas presents for all your friends who are investing into Dog Coins and obvious Ponzi Schemes. 🤭




What do you call a row of people lifting a giant mozzarella?
A cheesy pickup line.

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Ahahah, it was funny, right? 🤣

Yeah xD, poor dude... We have to be careful buying something.

I’m in DOGE as well as BTC and ETC. I can’t say I don’t regret not tossing everything I had into BTC at $19k. I held off until nearly $40k. Still glad I bought in then.

Still holding Doge here, guess maybe I don’t know much about what I’m doing though to be honest. I started at around $0.05, but I’ve been picking it up consistently even at prices as high as ~$0.33. The only time I ever used it, was to get hive so I could start a community on Ecency:)

Other coins are fine to play around while the markets are hot... When things cool down, you had better sold those already cause they will suffer the most. 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

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😂😂, the guy must be fuming. It's always good to know what you're buying beforehand

Ahahah! I still find it unreal that Amazon published this. Are they even aware it's just a notebook? 🤣

Maybe 😂? Possibly they're also in on the joke

Good post my friend

Thanks a lot!

  1. Found a new word for me (DYOR)
  2. Educated myself about this meme, with altcoins vs btc book
  3. Educated myself about this book. (Before, in the past, I've seen such a book with all blank pages, it was a 'joke present', so there is nothing new under the Moon...)
  4. Profit!
    Again very enjoyable post from you, my friend. Not sure if its worth a crosspost to the Hive Book club or not, tho.


Thanks a lot! So you never heard of DYOR, eh? That's a very common buzzword on Crypto groups nowadays! 😊


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Great post!

Thanks a lot!



It must have come as a huge surprise for the buyers, when they got he book.

For sure! But hey, now they understand the most important feature of investing in Altcoins... being rug pulled! 🤣