Starlink 22 + Helicopters on Mars [Live: 24.03.2021, 08:58 UTC]

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NASA is about to fly their tiny solar powered helicopter drone on Mars.

Here is a preview of that mission: NASA Previews First Flight of Mars Helicopter (Media Briefing)

The helicopter isn't supposed to provide scientific data. It is a technology demonstration to inform future science missions on Mars. The main goal is to achieve flight on another planet in an atmosphere that is 1% of Earth's density.

It is expected to launch its test campaign in early April 2021. The Perseverance rover is currently under way to drop the drone off at a previously selected launching and landing site.

Operational time1 to 5 flights within 30 sols
Flight timeUp to 90 seconds per flight
Maximum range, flight50 m
Maximum range, radio1,000 m
Maximum planned altitude5 m

Source: Ingenuity Helicopter: Wikipedia

YouTube channel Mediocre Coffee with a case study of how superior Starlink in it's current configuration already is for use in sparsely populated areas: Starlink vs. Telus: My Experience in Rural Alberta

SpaceX is launching 60 additional Satellites for their own Starlink Constellation.

The booster is a Block 5 on its 6th flight and will land on a drone ship.

The mission to low earth orbit will launch from SLC 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

SpaceX will attempt to recover the fairings.


  • Payload mass is approximately 15,6 tonnes
  • 60 Starlink Satellites

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Yeah, this Mars stuff is really fascinating. It will be extremely interesting to see if they can make that thing fly. I didn't watch the video but from the picture I'm assuming its going to be using a "helicopter" rotor? I wonder how fast that thing has to spin to create enough lift to keep it in the air. I love reading about this stuff on Stem. Thanks for posting.

2 counter rotating rotors, going at 2400 rpm (tips going close to 0.7 Mach)

This link has most of the details: