SpaceX Rideshare Mission 2 [Live: 30.06.2021, 20:56 UTC] + Return to Land

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EDIT 1: still go for launch but definitely bad visibility

EDIT 2: Hold due to range violation. Next attempt tomorrow

EDIT 3: New Date - 30.06.2021, 20:56 UTC

Transporter 2 is the second dedicated rideshare mission by SpaceX. This time it takes 88 payloads to a sun-synchronous orbit.

The booster is a Block 5 on on its 8th mission and will return to land. Last attempt to land at LZ-1 was in March 2020. simulated the expected booster trajectory:

It will be quite the show and visibility from land will be good, as the 45TH Weather Squadron forecasts an 80% chance of favorable weather conditions.

Check your local time of launch at:

Where to watch:

Background information about previous SpaceX launches: Wikipedia

Useful links to stay up to date on launches: Launch Schedule

Everyday Astronaut: Prelaunch Previews


Space News:

NASA Spaceflight

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