Rocket Lab's 2nd Recovery Attempt - Running Out of Toes [Live: 15.05.2021, 10:00 UTC]

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This will be the second attempt at recovering a first stage. The rocket will soft-land under parachute in the ocean. Air capture will not be attempted. The first attempt was an attempt as is. Trying to recover as much as possible, without any modifications. This time there are small changes to the rocket, notably the heat shield at the bottom. Even some parts from the first attempt are being reused on this rocket.

Rocket Lab | Mid-Air Recovery Demo

The launch takes place at Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand.

The mission is called Running Out of Toes and delivers two earth observation microsatellites by BlackSky.

Payload mass is 120 kg. Target is low earth orbit.

Why it's interesting:

  • 20th launch of the Electron rocket by Rocket Lab
  • The engines are 3D printed
  • Fuel pumps are battery powered.
  • The stages are built out of carbon composite material.

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