Cygnus 16 Delivers a 3D Moon Dust Printer to the ISS [Live: 10.08.2020, 21:56UTC]

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The ISS had a few busy and exciting days. Chief amongst them, an accidental flip of Station by the newly docked Nauka module. Misfiring thrusters rotated the ISS one and a half times.

Scott Manley describing the events leading to the flip: Russia's New Space Station Module Causes Alarm On ISS

Scott Manley trying to simulate the flip: The International Space Station's Accidental Spin Visualized

Back to regular scheduled programming: the 15th resupply mission to the International Space Station by a Cygnus spacecraft under the Commercial Resupply Services program with NASA.

Mission Details: Wikipedia

Cygnus Spacecraft: Wikipedia

Antares Launcher: Wikipedia

Launch site: Pad 0A, Wallops Island, Virginia


  • Payload mass: 3'700 kg
  • An experiment about 3D printing with regolith: Redwire Regolith Print. The goal is to find out how to use in-situ resources on future Moon/Mars missions.
  • Experiments to investigate cheaper alternatives to current heat shield meterials: Kentucky Re-Entry Probe Experiment
  • A demonstrator to separate carbon dioxide from the air on spaceships: Four Bed CO2 Scrubber. It is an upgraded version that is currently in use on the ISS.

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