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RE: Starlink 24 [Live: 29.04.2021, 03:44 UTC]

in Space Exploration6 months ago

I'm so keen to get Starlink... I put a deposit down on the first day, but looks like I was too late and they had already filled up the beta in my location. I'm going to have to wait a while I think.


They are rolling out in more geographies. That means they probably ramp their base station production. I hope you get it soon.

Totally! I don't think that'll help me necessarily because my geography is already full of beta testers. I think I have to wait until they open my geography up to more testers or go exit beta.

I think they are just calling it "beta" to protect their asses from complaints at this time. There is probably no hard cap on the number of testers anymore. The more users they can get, the better they can test their systems. Elon is not the one who would forego a harder test ;)

Haha, everyday I'll hope you're right until I get my hands on that sweet, sweet tiny dish.