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I've been preoccupied with my career lately. So occupied that blogging about my hobbies went down on my priority list. But I love to share what I do and what I'm interested in, in my spare time. One thing that caught me pondering a few days ago was an unexpected recommendation from YouTube.

I followed up with reading more about AI-generated art and how it fits into the modern art scene.

Can AI Create True Art?


The path to discussing AI-generated art leads to several branches of application that we have yet to explore. One thing that first came to my mind when seeing an artwork done by the use of Artificial Intelligence is questioning whether it is an art?

If art is a means to express or communicate through different forms of media, can art generated from machine learning algorithm without human interaction be considered art? or is it only a product that imitates art but has no soul?

If an AI is fully sentient and capable of being inspired like us, then maybe I could consider its outputs as art but that's still science fiction and maybe subjective to some who might think that a true art holds concrete expression that the mind is capable of interpreting. The truth that holds true for now is that we have yet to achieve the technology to make it a possibility. What AI-generated images are right now the products of sophisticated human manipulation. But for some current AI feats we have witnessed, it's really quite fascinating to think what the human mind can do that exceeds its full potential of showcasing different applications of visual art. And not just for visual art of course.


With respect to the video presented above, it's been emphasized in those articles linked that the artist isn't the AI but the one dictating the algorithm and data to be used. The AI, in some way, is a brush and a canvas. A tool to make what is imagined a possibility to materialize. What's great about this technology is that it can create images that no one else could ever imagine.

When I saw the endless possibilities of images made from the compilation of images fed through the system, the limitations of images produced are dictated by algorithms, additional data, and what the human mind can conceive.

How does this apply to our blockchain?

Photo by USGS on Unsplash

As a content creator, it would be a cheat in the system if you have the means to generate art with a press of a button. Unfortunately, not all images produce are visually appealing and the visual variations can be extreme.

For now, it is relatively easy to tell some images are generated by an AI but some outputs are more sophisticated and with a little manipulation, the distinction can be blurred and hidden.

One way to bypass this hurdle is just tracing what the AI has made that appeals to your liking in a traditional or digital media. Some examples are art made from various free editing software. Who's going to know or sue copyright for works that the world has never seen yet?

I think if the artist was the one that facilitated all the patterns, compiled the photos and fed it to the AI, and cropped images that were not going to be necessary, the artist could still be proud of the artwork he/she made. Be it AI-generated, still a product of their imagination. The AI here functioned as a tool and an extension to make one's imagination possible in a more convenient way. Convenient in a sense of creating tools that could boost time efficiency without compromising the desired quality.


A cool concept of using the blockchain with a machine learning algorithm is the blockchain's inherent traits. A blockchain is composed of bits of data that come from blocks, transactions, user engagements, etc. Imagine feeding into the AI data the unique block transactions and somehow applying an algorithm that converts those data into a visual pattern? What would your post or blog look like when fed through the system?

I would be blown away if the end product is somehow looked like our Hive logo but who knows?

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