Reminiscing Cebu Provincial Technolympics : My First Touch in Bantayan Island

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Hello Hivers!How are you? It's me again your Co Hivers. For today's blog, I would like to share with you a glimpse of the 2018 Cebu Provincial Technolympics held in Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

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Before the pandemic struck in our country, DepEd Cebu Province will conduct a yearly competition in various subjects. One of these is in the field of Technology and Livelihood Education. The competition is called Cebu Provincial Technolympics. This competition is about the showcasing of skills and talents of learners in various specializations. This will also serve as an avenue or training ground for learners who are competent and skillful in their chosen field. Schools within Cebu Province are the participants of the said events. The competition was done within 4 days and the host school is Bantayan National High School. The host municipality of the 2018 Technolympics was the municipality of Bantayan Island.


Bantayan is one of the most promising municipalities because of its famous white sand beaches, mangrove plantation, dried fish, egg production, and famous scallops. That's why upon knowing that the competition will be held on this island, many schools join the contest. This year's Technolympics I am assigned as the contest consultant of Mr.and Ms.Technolympics as an officer of TLE in DepEd Cebu Province.

How We Get There

From Hagnaya Port we rode a Roro Shipping to Santa Fe Port. It took almost 2 hours of travel from Hagnaya to Santa Fe. From Santa Fe, we rode a jeep going to our billeting quarters which was the Bantayan Central School. The school was landscaped beautifully and designed creatively using recyclable materials. I took some pictures of it for benchmark purposes. We had a very nice stay and accommodation at the school. So thankful to the school head who were now my friends.

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On day zero around 6.OO PM to 7: OO P.M., I oriented the Coaches of Mr. and Miss Technolympics on the contest guidelines and general instructions. I also discuss the dos and don'ts during the contest, the time and venue of the pictorial, and the coronation night. After the orientation, we went to the Gymnasium to attend the Mayors Night and Welcome dinner. It was a very entertaining, significant night for all participants. We are very thankful to the Mayors, LGU, teachers, and people of Bantayan together with the committee for their hospitality and generosity. They welcomed all the participants with so much pride and honor.



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On the first day was the parade and opening program held at the Bantayan Gymnasium. The opening was participated by all coaches, contestants, contest officials, teachers of Bantayan, and all DepEd Cebu Province Officials. It was a fabulous opening program I ever attended. Very unique and spectacular. Kudos to all Bantayanun for such an amazing hosting of this event. Indeed it was very memorable.

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After the opening was the pictorial of Mr. and Ms.Technolympics. As a contest consultant, I accompanied the candidates together with the contest coordinator, make-up artist, trainer, and coaches in every venue. We were having a tour of the entire municipality with our pictorial. For me, it was such a great opportunity. Tiresome yet fulfilling activity.


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There were also contest skills held in Bantayan Gymnasium after opening. These contests were fish cookery, chicken, and fish preservation. Our district was the participant in this contest skills. All contestants were very skillful and competent in their chosen skills. The judges find it hard in judging the said contest.


Before the Coronation of the Mr.and Miss Technolympics was the pre-judging. In the evening the coronation was done. It was indeed a very successful coronation night. There were Bantayan Performers who were guests during the event. To summarize it was a peculiar, wonderful night for all the participants.

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After the event or before heading home we visited the famous tourist places of Bantayan.

Camp Sawi


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IMG20181008110521 - Copy.jpg



IMG20181008110416 - Copy.jpg

Bantayan Plaza and Church

IMG20181009074630 - Copy - Copy.jpg

IMG20181009075024 - Copy.jpg

IMG20181009074704 - Copy - Copy.jpg


IMG20181009074654 - Copy - Copy.jpg


Bantayan Natures Park


That's all for today. Thank you and God bless!


Hello! Im a TLE Teacher also! As a technical drafting coach, I am very frustrated not to make it in the region! I 😂

Kung ako palang ang contestant ay! 🤣🤣🤣

Oh. nice to hear that ..its ok . maybe next time..

Yes! There is always next time!!

I already miss Bantayan Island upon reading this. Huhuhu
This place is special to my heart. Hehe
Sana all kaayo mudala ug activity gyud ni sila.

As in @missleray I forget to mention their parade will start at 6 am jud na . Super bongga nindot mudala ug event

Korek mam Haidz..hehe

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You're welcome @dehai, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍

We really miss this event😥. Somehow, an advantage because it's less expenses😁

Very much @jobeliever nakakamiss .kay makatravel napud unta