Underrated Websites That You Should Know

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I was watching a video on Facebook then one video caught my attention, it is about websites that few people know...but they are all helpful to everyone. I am fond of these kind of videos because it is giving you new knowledge, it is more likely a life hack website.

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Disclaimer: These websites are not sponsored. This blog is only a review and opinion from the author, it's up to you if you will visit and observe on your own.


Photopea is a free-website where everyone can edit their photo anytime for free! Unlike photoshop where you need to install it and pay for a subscription, this website will work for free with full access to all features!

Obviously, there is also an advantage if you pay for a premium account and get some incentives such as no ads and more undo features. Look at the photo for visualization.

Screenshot by the author from Photopea
But...as a quick tip! If you are using Brave browser, the ads will be blocked so you don't need to mind it anymore. Considering their premium account, I think it is worth it. They also need to earn for their service, do not be a leech.

I tried to open it on my mobile phone but I had a hard time using it. I advise you to use a pc or laptop in accessing the website to fully visualize the screen. Meanwhile, you can turn on the desktop site view on your mobile phone, the downside is you will see the tools smaller than the usual view.

As for the review, I visited Trustpilot.com and read some reviews. It has 3.5 star reviews upon visiting and read a lot of good comments. They said that it is offering the features that are most likely offered in Photoshop so it is worth it.


If you are fond of space, technology, the universe and satellites, then this website suits you. This website is giving access to an individual to monitor and track the movement of the satellites in space.

The photo below is an example of the satellite view in the map.

Screenshot by the author from Leolabs.space
After trying the website, it gives information including the name of the satellite, its inclination, the operator and too many to mention details. In the photo, it is not very satisfying because it is only a regular view. I tried to view it in 3D but due to poor internet connection, I can't fully view it.

Muscle Wiki

There are people who always care about their physical health and used to live in a healthy way. They are doing exercises and keeping their diet balanced for their health. Well, that's a good way of living.

If you are one of them, then this website is for you. MuscleWiki is a website where you can get information on what exercises you need to do to achieve your body goals depending on what part of your body target you want to get rid off.

Screenshot by the author from MuscleWiki

When you redirect on their website, you will see a body of a male (look on the photo) that you can change into female depends on what gender you are, and if you click on their body parts, you will redirect on the new page that will give you the list plus the animation of the best exercise that you can do to target the body part that you choose.

Screenshot by the author from Musclewiki
In the example, I clicked the upper abdominal part and it gave a list of exercise and animations that we can do to target your upper abdomen. It will also include the name of the exercise, the muscles of the particular part of the body that you clicked and its difficulty.

In my opinion, this site is helpful to choose the right exercise that you can do on your workout. I have tried using this website as one of my 2022 goals is working out and having a good physical posture. I hope I can do it.


It is a website where you can search for an alternative software either free or paid service. If you hate using Netflix, then you can use this website to search for an alternative on it...you can also get an alternative software that you can use for free.

Example given, we all know that using Netflix is not free, if you search for its alternative you can actually see a free program of it. However, it always depends on you if you will try their suggestions. Who knows that it is pirated software and has a lot of spyware, right?

On the other hand, some of these alternatives are suggested by people like you who also use the website. So, it's either they are giving a good and honest review or they only want you to bite their bait. The choice is yours!


If you are using the internet for a long time and thinking that you already visited all of the websites, then you are probably wrong. There are still underrated yet helpful websites out there that you haven't visited yet.

The internet has deeper information that we can use depending on our situation. Hence, exploring it will give us two options—it's either helpful or dangerous websites.

Hopefully, these websites will help you in other ways. Also, since they are underrated, you can also promote them by sharing this blog to your friends and family to let them know about these amazing and cool websites.


Thank you for Sharing these websites. AlternativeTo is quite interesting, I will check most of these out ☺

No worries, I hope some of them will help you. I usually use Muscle wiki and alternativeto.

have some !LUV

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