5 Things And Signs That The Person Is A Scammer

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I got scammed many times where I lost a lot of money by getting nothing from it, not even a single cent. I don't know if it is enough to share this article but I know that this will be helpful for everyone to avoid being scammed.

It is sad that there are still people who are victims of scam and I am not an exception from it. I don't really know how those scammers sleep tightly at night. I am thinking if they still feel the guilt and conscience from themselves.

Now, we can share a simple awareness to avoid scams.

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They are sending malicious links

This is an old yet effective strategy to scam people especially who are not knowledgeable enough into technology. People tend to believe the scammers and trust them quickly.

Usually, scammers are sending links to get the information of the person if they fill-out something, it is called a phishing attack, where they will ask you for the OTP code, pin code, passwords, and any other confidential information.

When you receive an e-mail or message like this, make sure not to click it because it might cause trouble. Learn to ignore and never believe in those tricks.

They are eager and ask you repeatedly

This is what I always notice from the scammers. They love asking about your confidential information and they are eager to get it. Usually, those signs are red flags and possibly a scam.

Sometimes, they will try to call you and get your trust. Never be caught off guard, I have been watching YouTube videos about the white hat hacker who always saves people from the scammers. You can visit his channel with the username Scambaiter.

The way the scammer talks and scam people are almost the same. They can even talk to you for the whole day just to get your trust.

No payment first

It is hard to trust someone online, this is why you need to be careful on who you are talking to. If you are selling something from the internet, never accept someone that says you should be the one who sends the item. Learn to say payment first it is your rights because you will only lose the item if it turns out that they are scammers.

This thing happened to me, you must trust your gut and avoid scams. I just learned that payment first is important. Even the 50% downpayment is okay. It is annoying that scammers love fooling people. Usually, they will only get the product and block you when they get what they want.


There is one thing that makes scammers stronger and wiser; superiority. Sometimes, I am thinking if they took psychology to know how people think and manipulate them. Seriously, they are great when talking without knowing that they are already manipulating you.

Scammers can manipulate you in different ways like scaring you about something that you never did, they will hack your computer, pay the subscription, etc.

There are times that the true colors of scammers appear when they are talking like being mad in the middle of the call, giving commands with a loud voice. Somehow, there are patient scammers who can keep their calm while talking to the people to gain their trust. I encountered a scammer when we had a good conversation to the point that I almost believed him.

Too good to be true

If the person offers a too good to be true investment, never take it. Have you heard of the high return after 2 days? Oh come on man, it is a complete scam.

In my experience, I invested in something when they said that my investment will be doubled after one day but it turns out that it is a scam. Most of the investments take much time and you need to be patient. There is no such thing as easy money.


In investing, there is no easy money so stop dreaming and never believe in scams. You should learn to do research before investing in something or don't let anyone control you.

Don't let your greediness drive you, it will cause losses instead of a profit. Learn to manage the risk and don't trust a stranger from your online activities.

If you experience a scam, try to move on quickly and recover. Everyone can be a victim, just learn from your mistake and think of it as a charge to experience or a tuition fee to learn things to avoid scams.


That's why need talaga mag-ingat, especially sa online.


Mahirap talaga magtiwala sa online, got scammed before.

Same lang sa offline, may mga mabubuting tao ay mayroong mga not so nice. haha.


We shouldn't trust our money to strangers or even sometimes people we knew for a long time. It's not easy to work hard to earn and invest it to get nothing.

It's really annoying when someone manipulated you for scam purposes. It's hard to trust online.

You're right.

We should not trust people we don't know with our money.

Agree with you.

One of the best ways that work for me is separating my online identity from my real one. Example: buying in Binance via Gcash using your own personal number already endangers/exposes you to scammers.

Keep using trusted ways of investing, if there is a need to experiment use another (smaller) wallet/account different from your main account.

lastly, research and knowledge. Being surrounded by people with the same mindset and intellect helps a lot.

Hope this is well receive :)

That's a nice way to avoid scammers. I used to be stupid and fool from them.

By the way, sorry for the late response. Been inactive for days due to busy schedule in school.

No worries, do what you need to do :)