Meet Theo! See Her Graze.

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Huh? There is so much that needs to be cleared up about that title... let's start with the basics. Theo is my cat, and Theo is a girl. Theo enjoys eating grass. Now we digress!

She was already named when we got her, and she is around 8 years old now... so it's just an inconvenient truth that we've had to live with. My daughter-- @sydney.potts-- and I are always ready to correct people's well-intentioned misgendering, and Theo is very forgiving (if you touch her).

No biggie.

Theo the Hivian Kitty.jpg

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Theo's Inaugural #Caturday Spotlight!

I've been meaning to jump into the Caturday fray for a little while now-- I have a thing with puns lately, and cats are the meow-- so I'm pleased as punch to be here. Theo is a big part of our little family, and she is usually worth shining a light on.

She loves munching on grass once in a while, as I said (and as you can see for yourself in the pictures). But we moved into an apartment last summer, so she doesn't make it outside as often these days. She's not a big fan of weather anyway and it's early March in Ontario, Canada.

So I brought the grass inside! After buying a little pot of pre-grown cat grass and watching it quickly dry out, I decided to try growing some. I'm big on houseplants anyway, and I had some extra dirt tucked away in my storage closet.

Cat Grass Early Growth- Hive Cats Caturday.jpg

Boom. It's Alive. It's... ALIVE!

It grew like mad, actually, with very little effort. And as I suspected, Theo is LOVING it!

Cat Grass for Caturday.jpg

That's the whole point... seeing her enjoy the fruits (or shoots) of my labour is gratifying. And I want to try a different type of grass now! As THIS CATINGTON POST ARTICLE suggests, "different cat grasses have different benefits, so keep a wide selection growing".

It talks about wheatgrass being an especially nutritious green for cats... and how eating grass not only diversifies and enriches their diet, but it can also help them pass hairballs more easily.

Easy, Green Pastures.

Okay fine... it's just a little pot. But it's a start.

And as I mentioned: it was super easy. I buried quite a few seeds a little more than an inch under fresh dirt and kept the pot moist with a spray bottle (to avoid flooding and drowning the seeds) and in full sunlight.

The seeds I bought at a local pet food store look a lot like THESE CAT GRASS SEEDS on Amazon (the ones pictured). It might even be the same product.

Plant Some Cat Grass for Caturday on Hive.jpg

That link, however, will take you to an Amazon site more local to you (if you are not Canadian), so there will likely be similar products by different brands.

It shouldn't matter too much... I think most grass seeds will grow readily.

The End.

It should be, anyway! I can't believe I'm still writing this silly, little Caturday post.

I guess it was worth it to introduce Theo to the Hive community. I should say that she struggles with her weight-- which can cause related fur matting issues sometimes-- and she has a lump on her chest that we've been keeping an eye on with our vet. So she has her issues, but she's a pretty satisfied and affectionate friend.

And again: such a beautiful cat. 😍

But I'll shut up now. If you just read that entire post, you are an absolute ROCK STAR! Thank you so much. Let me know in the comments if you too are a feline goodie gardener (or maybe I just talked you into it). No pressure. Just give your kitties a cuddle for Sydney and I. Take care, and have a great weekend! ✌️😸

What a beautiful kitty she is! Some cats just really like their greens, and cat grass (which is usually oat grass) can also be a great way to keep our feline friends from munching on other plants in the house.



Your post was featured in this week's Caturday Compendium of Cat Content, curated by @curatorcat for the Hive Cats Community! Thank you for sharing your wonderful cat-related content on Hive!

Thank you so much. :)
I apologize for the long delay getting back to you, but I appreciate the feature... and you're quite right about the grass helping protect my other plants (and Theo from possible toxins). Thanks again. 🙏

Theo is a gorgeous girl! I am so glad you introduced her to us all!

As to growing feline goodies, I do live on a farm and have wheat growing about that the cats do nosh on on occasion, does that count?

Always glad to see a happy feline though, your post made my day!😊

That definitely counts! I think wheat is going to be my next seed. I !LUV that Theo was able to give your day a boost. She's probably sleeping, so I'll tell her later. 😋


EDIT: I just noticed that the seeds in the picture from Amazon are actually wheat grass... and the ones I used might be too. Not a clue, but I'll be more conscious of it from now on.

Very beautiful kitten.
I have 8 at home.
Incredible animals: they believe that we take them for their Gods :) .
Try to find what is called "catnip", or valerian. They love it, it has a crazy effect on them :).

Eight?! Holy moly... that's a whole lot of holiness! 😋

Theo enjoys dried catnip, but I should try growing some. Great suggestion... thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. :)



Right?! She is pretty awesome. :)

I have a tortoise shell, she's lovely too!

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