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RE: The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It! What Is 'The Metaverse' and How Could It Change Life?

in The NFT Symposium3 months ago

Very interesting lecture, I’ve immersed my self in January 2021, after seeing a Dev Stream of, a metaverse project, a replica of earth 1:1 were you can by 10x10m2.

You can flip those tiles or hold them and build 3D buildings on it, the platform been crowd funded since the beginning the vision of the Dev is to be/have VR games available.

From there with this great community I also got to know better the NFT’s I’ve published my own Collection on Opensea I also meet great creator and contributed to the content for some or just won some and grown my inventory on atomic hub
I think it’s a great adventure that I got started, will see where it brings me. For sure the feeling of ownership feel the same way for a digital asset or a physical product. That is a great thing, because the digital asset don’t brake, most likely don’t get lost and probably appreciate overtime. I will definitely encourage everyone to try, at least once, no matter the budget involved it can be just a few dollars. I think the important is to get started.


Excellent, thanks for sharing!