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RE: Cannabis' Role Reviving Interest in STEM-related Information

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Interesting read. Are you from the industry? In Germany Cannabis is still illegal because peole aren't educated about this plant. But even in countrys/states with no cannabis prohibition there's is a lot of clearing up to do.


In short, yes, I am in the industry.

In Germany, medical Cannabis has been able to be legally prescribed since January 2017. The problem is that most medical practitioners in Germany are uneducated regarding the therapeutic value of Cannabis or variations in Cannabis-based medicines, so it is very difficult for the patients to gain access. Then, one must consider the supply chain, and given the fact that Germany imports most of its Cannabis, it is struggling to maintain consistency. But, CBD products with less than .3% THC are available for sale there and Cannabis bred for industrial purposes is cultivated, processed, and downstream Cannabis-derived industrial and nutritional products are sold. So, there seem to be improvements on the horizon for Germany and already many products available.

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That's true. But there's still a long way to go until legalization here in Germany. Until then we have to spread the knowledge