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Greetings to all the community I hope you are well and in good health this time we will talk about web 3.0, I hope you like it and you can leave a valuable comment. I always read and answer the comments because each one of them is very important to me, knowing that people like my content motivates me and lets me know that what I do people like it.

When we talk about web 3.0 the first thing we think is that if there was or is a web 3.0 it is because before there were two webs, web 1.0 and web 2.0, let's try to talk about each of them.

We start with the web 1.0, this web is known as the primitive web, where only reading content could be consumed, the user did not have any kind of interaction with the information he was reading on this web, only the administrators of the websites could upload content and modify this content.

Another characteristic of Web 1.0 is that information could not be easily updated, administrators had to modify the site to enter or extract information that already existed on the site, which made the process of updating content very slow.

No doubt this was a time when the web was used only to share scientific information and this information was to be consumed by those who loved technology, in general the average person did not have access to this type of information.

Over time more and more people joined the web, and companies began to have a greater presence in the digital world. With the arrival of companies and more users, the web began to change the way in which users interacted with the information they consumed.


In this sense the web 2.0 was born, a web in which the user could interact in a more fluid way with the information, another important point is that the users could be creators of contents with these changes now the average user became an important part of the web.

The changes in the digital world gave way to the emergence of companies like Facebook, Youtube and all the social networks that changed the way people consumed information, this new web 2.0 that was now more user friendly allowed the development of varied content at a fast speed.

With all the content that was being created and all the people that were getting involved with the web, the conditions began to be created for the web to change again, this time into a smarter, more collaborative and above all multi-device web, the change is known as internet 3.0.

In web 3.0, content now had to be playable on tablets, computers and mobile devices, a series of applications also appeared that made life easier for users, content creators now had free tools to create and develop much more content and information became a product.

With the advent of web 3.0 and with all the applications and services in the cloud, content creators now had a place to store information that would later become a kind of commodity, in that sense big companies paid millions of dollars to know the tastes and preferences of their users.

Now, taking into account that the web went from being a place where information was only consumed through reading to a place where content could be created and shared, the need to establish copyrights on all information to then be commercialised was born.

Another important point is that as information became a commodity, the need also arose for more efficient means of payment with which people could trade that information on the web. All this led to the creation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency payment systems.

All these changes that have taken place in the history of the web allow us to reach this moment in which the web is working with the blockchain to become a place where for creating content you get paid money, where for consuming information you get paid money and where information is copyrighted.

It is possible that in a few years people who create content will only have a presence on those platforms that pay them directly for the creation of content, places like hive will become more and more common and decentralisation will become the rule.

In conclusion the web has undergone several changes throughout history we went from web 1.0 to web 2.0 and then to web 3.0, all these changes now allow us to have a web in which personalised content creation services and copyright on intellectual property allow people to earn money with their creations while the consumer lives a personalised experience, finally it is expected that in the coming years artificial intelligence and blockchain will play a fundamental role in the creation of a more modern web.

I hope this article was not too long and boring, thanks for reading I wish you a wonderful day.