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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, giving continuity with my publications today I will be informing you about the hacking that suffered YouTube channels with the purpose of broadcasting live cryptocurrency scams, these attacks are increasingly followed that undoubtedly damage the confidence in technological services.

The blockchain technology continues to be the target of a series of attacks by hackers who are dedicated to defraud and / or steal from users on these platforms, more and more such irregularities occur and although daily mechanisms are sought to prevent this from happening fails to solve the problem definitively. It seems that the people behind these attacks are always one step ahead of those responsible for blockchain security.

The most recent attack was on the social network YouTube, which was the target of this attack in order to make a live broadcast of a scam that was made to cryptocurrencies, according to Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) the attack was perpetrated by hackers recruited in a Russian-speaking forum, which is dedicated to sell to the highest bidder pirated YouTube channels offering false opportunities for collaboration to its users. The modus operandi of these hackers is to hijack YouTube channels to then broadcast their cryptocurrency scams.


According to the TAG the YouTube accounts would have been hacked using a kokies stealing malware, the way these malicious softwares act is by running on the user's computer without being detected and when the user enters the YouTube social network their passwords are stolen. The TAG stated that once the accounts are stolen, the names, profiles, content and photographs are modified to then impersonate large technological companies of cryptocurrency exchanges. That is why as users we must be attentive to any irregularity that is presented to us in the different social networks.

To prevent these events from continuing to occur Google has intensified its security efforts by reducing phishing emails by more than 99%, this has had a positive impact as these attackers have moved away from Gmail and have sought other more vulnerable email providers to commit these computer crimes. As users of these platforms we must be very cautious when running software of dubious origin to avoid being scammed.

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